It’s not about me … 

So u woke up today not with the intention of writing a blog post … I’ve kinda just had more mellow none thinking days the last few days and that’s ok and so I was just embracing that So here I am sitting in my usual place this morning. The last two mornings have been a little different for me, I’ve gone back to bed after riding with Danny to take the kids to school … And then I’ve gotten up and read and was just real quiet. Just me, my bible, my kindle, the dog … No music … Nothing just quiet. Before we switched depression meds I did this every day, went back to bed trying to hide from the pain, from the day … I couldn’t make myself run or read or eat nothing, going back to bed was just easier. So I’m sitting here, in my spot this morning thinking and listening to my “How he loves me” playlist on my phone because I felt like I needed a little noise  and  the song “Jesus lover of my soul” song came on. I haven’t really been listening to music lately besides Shane and Shane’s “though you slay me” song. But this morning after I woke up, things felt different for some reason so I turned the playlist on and was writing some thank you cards. Anyways back to the song … Here are the lyrics … 

Jesus lover of my soul 

All consuming fire is in Your gaze

Jesus I want You to know

I will follow You all my days

For no one else in history is like You

And history itself belongs to You

Alpha and Omega You have loved me

And I will share eternity with You

It’s all about You Jesus

And all this is for You

For Your glory and Your fame

It’s not about me

As if You should do things my way

You alone are God

And I surrender to your ways 

That second verse just hit me so hard this morning. None of this is for me … None of it. It’s not about me. It’s just not. I had the thought this morning that maybe since the dizziness and nausea was starting to get better I was now starting to feel the sadness more. And maybe that’s the case but that song just kinda told me flat out … Yeah maybe, maybe your getting better in one way but now your gonna feel the pain in another way more but you know what … It’s not about me!! And that’s like shocking but comforting at the same time. It’s not about me … And so I don’t really need to worry about what’s occurring if I’m more dizzy or less dizzy, more nauseous or less nauseous, more sad or less sad because at this time this morning I was reminded it’s not about me, It’s all about You, Jesus. And so as I to go through today I will pray and I remember those 4 little but mighty words … it’s all about You!! Because in reality none of this, none of it is about me … It’s all about You … Jesus!!! 


One thought on “It’s not about me … 

  1. Andrea Michelle I truly believe it is not about you it is about Jesus and the people that Jesus has you touching right now you are such a blessing honey you never know what he has in store you might be going through this because 30 years from now Layla might be going through this and you may need to know how to help her through it you just never know who you’re touching but God knows and I love you and I’m so proud of you


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