The Lord’s provision … 

About 5 years ago or so God made me slow down and take approximately … Mmmm lets see 14 weeks off completely. I was only allowed up for a hour at a time, couldn’t exercise, couldn’t drive, couldn’t even sit up for very long … I had to remain quiet and be still so I could grow my baby girl… Layla. So from 22 weeks to 36 weeks my hubby and my family took care of me while loving on Hunter who was almost 3 at the time for 14 weeks. They carted me around St. Pete, took turns who picked me up, who stayed with me, my mom … Gosh my mom … She was just selfless and so so giving. She provided more then I could ever put into words for not only me but for Danny and especially for Hunter at that time, I just can’t even wrap my head around all she did to even tell you. Layla is our “Layla Ann” after my mom Donna Ann for a reason that’s all I’ll say. 


And my grandmother was just another selfless presence at that time. Giving and giving and giving of herself daily whether she felt good or bad, she just kept giving to me and to Hunter every day until someone came home who could be with us, then she would finally go and relax and take a nap. I wish I could find the picture of her rocking Hunter to sleep but this picture of a picture will have to do … 


Anyway … During that time I really don’t think I grew at all … Maybe a little in my faith or used that time to spend with the Lord. I was really down at that time and just never read the bible really or prayed with intention, ha maybe that’s why the Lord is slowing me down again. But I would probably say though I just kinda made it through that time. 

There is at least one thing though, one thing that I learned to appreciate during that time … Some of you probably know what it is by now but I won’t hold back any longer … It’s golf!!! Ha … I know random right. But you can watch it Thursday-Sunday and it’s just…I don’t know I won’t waste your time, it just good and quiet and the grass is so green and it’s pretty to watch and blah blah blah I know But I enjoy watching it now due to that time in my life I guess. Like I can totally see God in golf and maybe that’s how God spoke to me during that time I don’t know. But anyways can we just take a moment because you know what started today … The Masters!!! Though we no longer have cable I won’t be able to watch it all day today and tomorrow like I used to but I do have this …  


The Master app!!! 😄 it’s already making it a better day/weekend. 

See I was going to talk about how I just want to get better … How I went to Hunters baseball game last night but had to sit in the car and lay down for the last little bit of it because my head was just heavy and spinny and I was going to talk about how today I went back to bed (the third day in a row) after riding with Danny to take the kids to school and I was going to talk about how we found bird seed in the garage but I don’t think the bird like it cause they aren’t eating it and it’s just getting in my head and making me sad and I was going to talk about how I was just having a feel sorry for myself day because I have to be alone all weekend without my hubby since they play away this weekend but then … Then … God gave me Masters weekend!!! Quincidence…I think not!! God was at work, His provision was at work even when I couldn’t see it or feel it or wasn’t committing myself to Him, He was at work for me … He is always at work for us, even/especially when we feel the most alone, I am thankful for this truth today. 


One thought on “The Lord’s provision … 

  1. You are priceless…hitting us with all the mushy stuff getting us all drawn in on your wonderful mom and awesome gramma and them bam….golf! Love you nut!!!!!


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