Update … 

My discourging news earlier was just that the short term disability that I thought we would have to supplement some of my being out of work 2+ months isn’t going to be available. Somehow I never signed up for it. And so we won’t have that support. It wasn’t like it was even gonna leave us in good shape but it would help support us in some way. Sorry if I scared some of you … 

We will be fine I know we will it just kind of took the wind out of my sails today. These have been busy tiring days lately and so I think it stung a little more then it probably should have. 

If I’m being honest,I have always had issues trusting the Lord to come through for me money wise. And after having so many trials lately I thought this wasn’t going to be one I was going to have to endure or that the Lord was going to use to teach me something or build my trust in him.  But I was wrong … He is refining me in so many ways and friends it just hurts sometimes you know? And I guess if I am in it this far I might as well (as Danny told me this morning) continue to lean into Him, God. 

So … Pray I can trust the Lord in yet another way 🙂 that I can see yet again sometimes the things we think will support us don’t show up, so what do we have to do … Lean in to Him, God … the one who never lets us down, who supports us good days or bad, money or no money, friends or no friends, able to run till it hurts or able to only “leisurely” walk around the track. He is there. We just have to keep leaning … 



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