He is love …   

Let me paint a picture for you … Danny and I are sitting in church in FL, I was 27 weeks preggos with Hunter, we left early because I wasn’t feeling good. And the sermon was about how God will put you through trials … That things won’t always be smooth tough times will come. And so we get in the car and Danny says… You know we really haven’t had many trials. I feel like something is coming. That sermon felt like it was speaking to us. He was right besides my grandmother being sick off and on, being delayed on trying to buy a house and besides loosing a close friend/mentor of ours a year or two before our life had been pretty smooth. So after that statement the weeks went like this … The next weekend we bought a house … Then it was Mother’s Day weekend which I worked all weekend then the following weekend our 29 week premie decided he just had to make his appearance  


 And really after much reflection from Danny and I, I’m not sure our life has been smooth since. And that’s ok. This isn’t about that this is about Hunter Daniel Breece and this is his day!!!  


3lbs 3oz … 16.5 inches … He was all arms and legs!!! 

I have so many pics from the hospital I don’t want to bore you but ill post just a few more …   


Tiny doesn’t explain the magnitude of how little he was. He got down to 2lbs 14oz. 

Kangaroo-ing- he would fit in my cami. That’s how tinnie tiny.  


His body minus his legs was as long as Danny’s hand!! 

 We were not ready in the very least for the ride Hunter would take us on. Didn’t have a name ready, a baby room ready, a single article of clothing ready or a blanket. We didn’t have the stamina or endurance really nor did we have a slight inclination of what was in store for us but the Lord was already paving the way for us then. Our 72 days in the NICU and nursery went relatively smooth. Ha smooth. That was God, all God. With minor hiccups along the way once Hunter reached gestational age of 35 weeks he developed the milestone of how to suck swallow and breathe while eating and we went home a few days later.  

First pic with no wires, tubes, tape, or anything else. Just baby Hunter!! He looked so different!!! 


We went home on July 13th to be exact … No coincidence there either because now every time I remember our cousin Alecia’s birthday I also get to remember the day our Hunter-man came home. 
We were ready!!! 

So Hunter Daniel Breece. How do I portray a child of God to you who just is one of a kind. He isn’t full of joy though it’s in there. He is much more low key then his sister. He is patient beyond patient with her and everyone he encounters … He shows love and spreads love to everyone he encounters … He has the kindest sweetest heart. Gives of himself for others without even thinking … Gives me extra fruit so maybe I will feel better and be able to drive soon … So self-less and he is only 9. God has such amazing things in store for him and for those of us that get to live life with this little man. 

Here are a few collages of our Hunter-man. Layla is Joy … Hunter is love, self-less God like love. Gosh we love him, especially his sister … I think you can see it through some of these pics.  

She’s his biggest fan. 

  Hunter and his Dee Dee 

  Hunter loves his sister so much … We call them the old married couple …    And she loves him!!! Last one … 

We are so very very blessed to have Hunter in our life. 

 He made me take this silly pictures because “being silly helps you feel better.”  


He is love …   


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