Book nerd alert … 

I’ve recently been privledged, well approximately almost 11 weeks ago recently been privledged with being stripped of all things busy. Normal activities that would keep me busy I have had to do in slow moving shifts … Normal “bumming around” as my grandma would say wasn’t something I controlled anymore I had to wait on my rock to take me places to shop or get groceries or whatever, I didn’t have running or working out to take up some of the day anymore so all that to say that I’ve had some time on my hands lately. Time spent in or around the house. Around being on the front porch …  


We love our front porch.  

 So in this time of reflection and quiet and stillness I’ve started to read quite a bit. I’m on my 6th book since early April. Yeah my 6th book. That may be normal for some of you but for me it is not. 🙂 I finish one and want to jump into another. I search other people’s blogs for book recommendations and go off what they say and so far I’ve been able to pick some good ones. I just recently started a new one … Recently being this morning and already am really enjoying it … Every time I finish one I contemplate starting one with little thinking to it … Like a Nicholas Sparks maybe but then go right back to one that will speak the Lords truths to me. Have you ever been in a place where you just want to saturate yourself with the Lord, His kindness, His truths, His love? Well I’m there now. And thank the Lord all the books I’ve decided to start have been a blessing to me. 

So in all that I am writing this to say I wanted to share these books with you … Maybe you need a good summer read or two or six … Maybe you need to be reminded of the Lords promises and truths and love … Maybe you are bored and have gotten out of the habit of reading and you need a suggestion … Fear no more I have 6 good promising books to keep you company and even encourage you wherever you are on your current journey or season of life. 

1st up …   
I started reading this just prior to getting sick. It’s really really good. Made me start looking as everyone as a child of God. Look people in the eye, everyone, it will change their day and your view of the world. We are all hurting but we can all help and encourage one another. 

2nd …  

Started this after hearing a sermon at my moms church right before I got sick as well. Talks about praying bold prayers. Things you might not think to ask for because they seem too big too impossible. ” God honors bold prayers because bold prayers honor God.”      
3rd …   

It’s such a good easy read based on the bible verse from Ephesians … Ephesians 3:20-21 That God is able to immeasurably more then we could ever think to ask of him or that we could ever imagine  … We just need to ask. It breaks down those verses beautifully and is so encouraging. I’ve been meaning to read more of her books but I keep forgetting … I’ll blame it on this foggy brain. 

4th …   

 We all know how much I loved and adored this book!!! It really was just inspiring the author tells of her trial through breast cancer and the fight she endured and how she chose to not let it defeat her but how she fought back with joy. 🎈🎈 it’s a good good book. So good that I decided to go with her for my next book which was 

5th …   


Kinda sorta similar to fighting back with joy but still really good and impactful. Helps you dig in and see how we can be Wonderstruck by God and his wonder in all areas of our life. 

So #6 book I started this morning is… 

   My friend had recommended it a long time ago but we never seemed to meet up at the right time to pass the book along. So far just the prelude has been really good. “Sometimes you have to free fall to teach you how to fly” was a quote I wrote down already from the book. And I found this quote today after I ordered the book … I’m into kindle/iPhone reading now more then reading a book in hand … I like to see my kindle app library fill up with amazing books 🙂 and plus I feel like I always have my phone so I can read anytime anywhere. Anyways back to the quote…  
Once I saw that quote I had to get the book. I was hooked. I’ll let you al know how it goes.  

So there, for whatever the reason I decided to share with you all, those are the books I’ve read recently. I’ve been blessed by them and maybe you will be too!!  Wish I had them in hand to pass around to some of you but like I’ve said my kindle app gets most of the use at the moment, my iPhone library is looking so pretty … It’s the little things people!! Celebrate the little things, good books, good coffee and Gods grace for another day … A good day even that last longer then the 4 hour mark, even if yesterday was a bad day … Today is good, God is good, Grace is good so let’s celebrate. 😉❤️🎈


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