Be brave … 

So I just finished this book …  


It was suppose to help me be brave for this season we are in right now … For whatever the Lord is trying to show us, even if it’s not what I want to see but instead the Lord used it in a different way…

We are driving back from my brothers wedding. My brother that has been in the outer banks for approximately 3 years now or so … He was brave enough to not give up on life or himself or the Lord, thus moving to the outer banks committing himself to Dare Challenge. Committing himself so much to the Lord and exemplifying bravery so much that they asked him to intern there at the program which in turn led him to a permanent position on staff. And let me tell you…he is loved there, he is brave there, he is more then we/I could have ever imagined there. And seeing what God has done in his life inspires me to hang on…to hang on to what God is doing in my/our/the breeces life. 

So after an exhausting non stop few days-not really feeling well, the Lord pushed me to be still for a moment and take it all in, all the love, all the bravery, all the just amazing way the Lord has worked in my brothers life, in my now new sisters life, in my family of fours life, in my big everyone knows everyone’s business families life, in my life, I just let it all come out at the end of the reception. My head was spinning and pounding, I was exhausted, I was overwhelmed, I was thankful, I was joyful but hurting from this, this whole season, this sickness and even from past ish and so God whispered it’s ok. Be brave. You don’t have to be strong right now. Let it out. I love you. Your rock loves you. They love you and long to love and comfort you. And so I did, I lost it, and they did, they loved me, and hugged me, and kissed me, and comforted me and were brave with me and it was beautiful. It healed a part of my heart. 

And it started with my brother. It started when he was brave enough to move more than 14 hours from his “securities”, placing his only security and all of his trust in the Lord above. And in doing that he helped me…he helped me feel my families love, helped them love on me and me on them, helped me take a deep breathe and not have to be strong anymore, to be real, and to praise God for even in the pain and hurt He is guiding us, taking care of us, healing us, loving us. 

So I guess what I’m saying is bravery takes on so many forms, the Lord showed me that this weekend. It’s takes bravery to say “no I need to go to bed, I don’t feel good” it takes bravery to do bold things, to commit yourself to things that hurt at first, to let your guard down and stop being “strong”, to be real, to love others and to let them love on you and even to believe that the Lord loves you. It’s not always pretty bravery, sometimes, well now that I think about it, usually it’s swollen and bloodshot eyes, it’s lots of tears, it’s crying out to the Lord, it’s messy, it’s painful but in the end, when you look back, it’s beautiful. 

Be brave … It turns into beauty. 


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