You are only good … 

Honestly … Like honestly honestly it’s been a crazy busy great but a hard few weeks or so. My prayers have been all over the place and so have my emotions. 

Ever want something, have something so good and realize the Lord might take it away and so then your left feeling like what the heck God? I mean if you loved me you wouldn’t take me away from my securities or if you loved me you would know where I want to be or that I am ready to feel better, not to begin to feel new sx, and then in turn having these thoughts you become bitter and hurt and you analyze everything you have that might change and be like God must not love me, he wouldn’t keep putting me through this trial, or potentially take these things away from me or whatever. I don’t get it God just help me get it. And then in all that mess, I realized something … Maybe we aren’t suppose to get it. And maybe, looking back even though we feel like He’s not here or not listening, He’s actually been here the whole time. 

So then you start praying for peace. Just peace so that whatever the outcome, wherever your placed, or whatever new sx come you/I can remember that it’s for good. That it’s from the Lord. The Lord is a Lord of compassion. He loves us and wants what’s best for us. He has never left us. I’ve been praying for that … For peace … Peace for whatever the outcome  … And for understanding of how the Lord shows his compassion on us, for eyes to see it or ears to hear the whispers. 

And then today I heard this song today … A song that I listen to often … Maybe close to daily but I different words stuck out to me this time. The song is “Not for a moment ” by Meredith Andrews. I won’t give you all the lyrics but a verse that I like then the part that convicted me …   

Then the chorus goes on … Here is the convicting part …  

You are ONLY GOOD. Only good. He is only good!! God is only good!!! Psalm 34:8 says “o taste and see that the Lord is good, How blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him.” Romans 8:28 says “and we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” Psalm 136:1 “Give thanks to the Lord for He is good, for his loving kindness is everlasting.” See when I look back on all this pain and quiet and suffering and trial I can see Gods goodness. No it’s not over yet and no it might not be over for a long time but He is good. Whatever comes next, He is good. Whatever the outcome, He is good. Even when I think I am floating out there somewhere where he can’t even hear or see me or understand what I’m feeling  … he sends a friends phone call who I never get to talk to, to help me blah my ish and suffering over the phone to her and she graciously listens and breathes it in with me and walks with me through it and I know it was God who prompted that call. He is good. He will work it out for good. All of it. We kinda have to shut up, sit back and let him sometimes, stop shining the light on what’s not happening but shine the light on the good God stuff that is happening and has happened, open our eyes and ears to the good. The good! He is good!! God is only good!! Thankful for some inspiration today and praying for you and the good that God is doing in your life … Praying your eyes are open to it. Even if it’s just for a moment like me. 


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