Mercy … 

“Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.” Matthew 5:7 

We studied that last week in the IF:Equip bible study I do online, I think I’ve talked about it before. When I saw that this beatitude was coming up I didn’t really understand it. But then  Jennie Allen, the founder of IF said something that put into perspective for me. It’s been on my mind since last week and so I think it’s lingering in there because it’s important and because it’s worth sharing.

You know a lot of times as sinful humans we wait for people to show us mercy or give us comfort or make us happy or smile at us or whatever before we feel they should show us before we will do it to them. We have this they should extend us grace attitude before I will extend them grace. Which really is just a sinful way to look at it. And when I say sinful it’s not like – you, you right there your so bad and sinful – no it’s just the fall of man, Adam and Eve, the way we feel like someone owes us something before we give something to them. And what Jennie reminded me of last week is that Jesus already paid the price for us. He already extended mercy to us by dying on the cross. It’s already done. So then we should show mercy and comfort and grace and all those other things to others because he already paid the ultimate price for us. It brings me back to the pure ❤️ that Jesus wants for us, the ❤️ that is pure and is clean and seeks and is hungry for him above all. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that that’s the beatitude that follows next. “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” Matthew 5:8 

Danny reminded me that the beattudes is like the “attitudes” stated by Jesus and they are ways  we should look on the world and be toward others in our life. It’s hard work but work that’s worth while. Isn’t that life anyway, hard work but work that’s worth it? And if we have to work at it, life, we might as well work at doing it the right way. I think that, at this moment, right now at least. 🙂 

We all have different things that we have to work at more then the other … It’s easier for some to show mercy or to bring others comfort or to be patient or to show grace on others. But when Jesus died on the cross he was extendeding all those things on us so we don’t have to wait for others to do those things before we do them for them. 

I was encouraged at the reminder that Jesus died on the cross for us for so many reasons … but one of those reasons … so that we can fight to love this life for him, to bring glory to him, and to live this life well. Not only are we fighting to live this life for ourselves, our friends and especially our family but we are fighting through this life, and to live this life for him. Thankful for a new perspective. 



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