Facebook … Shmacebook!! 

So I realized last night laying in bed that it’s been a year since I gave up social media … Twitter … Facebook … Instagram! And it’s been really good. Really good. I was checking and posting and liking things way too much, it became an obsession … Like I just checked it and then literally seconds later I was checking it all again. I let it consume my mind and heart and feelings based upon what everyone else was posting or doing or saying and it just wasn’t good. I was searching and searching social media for satisfaction, empty satisfaction, false satisfaction. It hindered my relationship with my rock, my kids, anyone who was around me at the time and especially my rock rock. And now after cutting social media off my relationships, my giving and receiving in these relationships are growing and getting better. And I really haven’t missed it or even thought about bringing any or all of them back until recently. 

And with that being said, I feel like my intentions are different this time around. Before I looked to these things, like I said before … For like an empty satisfaction, a way to stay in touch with my “friends”, a way to post cute pics of my kids and be able to share them with my family. Which are all genuine reasons but then I let it consume me and it went too far. I feel like this time, yes I want to stay in touch that is part of it, I want to share with my “friends” and family cute pics of the kids starting school and the joy they being to us daily – with a bible verse attached to it, and I want to share Jesus and what he has done for me/us and his goodness and his promises and speak his truths. And it wouldn’t all be sparkly confetti 🎉and rainbows 🌈,it would be his truths and his power even in trials and suffering. And I that excites me but I fear it sounds pretentious and snobby. But maybe that’s the point, putting yourself out there for the Lord, even if you may be persecuted in the process?! Not in a radical persecution kind of way but in a way that’s just not the norm may not be what’s expected. 

But then I think back to Romans 12:2 especially the beginning … “Do not conform to  things of this world” … And I wonder if thats, if my desire to get some kind of social media is just that … Me conforming to things of this world … Or is the way in which I long to do it, to glorify the Lord isn’t of this world and is needed … And so I think, maybe more prayer is needed, for this and for other ways in which I am conforming to this world. 

I don’t know … Just what’s on my mind this morning. Please don’t hear in this that the way you do social media is wrong, I just feel like the Lord is shining a light on a way in which I would be excited to do it. 

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