be humbled … 

So I had a humbled moment a couple days ago and finally feel well enough to laugh at it, at Gods way of continually showing me his sense of humor in this journey we are on and thus to share it with you! 

You see way back on March 19th, the day this journey started, the day started off just awful and ended that way as well in fact. You see I had a dentist appointment for my jaw which continually pops and cracks and makes an awful sound sporadically and or especially when I eat. You can hear it across the table and since I have a husband who isn’t shy to point out anything crunchy that you eat or that your jaw sounds like a hot mess and it’s sounds like it hurts let alone sounds awful to him I finally decided to go to the dr. Danny didn’t have to be in the office until later he decided to drive me ( major foreshadowing here – since I have been unable to drive and he has been driving me everywhere since that day). He forgot something in the house and went to run back inside, left the driver side door open WITHOUT putting the car in park and the car began to roll back wedging the driver side door against the car port metal thingy making this awful sound until I was able to put the car in park. 1st indication of a bad day. We get to the dentist late and he proceeds to tell me I need a mouth guard to sleep with to see if that helps and if not then we will have to decide other physicians to see. Great I get to sleep with a mouth guard. Sexy right? 

So let’s jump now to later that night. It’s 9pm or so and I get up to go out to the car to get the mouth guard to wear to bed, because I’m so excited, and bam my world begins to spill I end up on the floor and 5 months later I’m still recovering. 

So now let’s jump to a couple nights ago when my jaw is hurting and cracking and things have finally settled enough that I remember and find my beloved mouth guard. And I’m like really? Really? Feeling good about myself … Staying positive … Being less depressed and such are hard enough but now, now I’ve got to sleep with a mouth guard. Snuggled up next to my rock with  …

An awkward piece of plastic, that gives you a lisp when you try to talk with it in and probably ferments your bad breathe to the max, yucky mouth guard! Can I get a break dear God in heaven?? (So can’t believe I posted a pic laying in bed, with my hoodie on, without a speck of makeup and not a drop of gel or anything in my hair-it just frooed I mean dried like this … I must be cray cray) He must be laughing at me right now!! But then the Lord whispered a piece of scripture to me. I have been studying the Beattudes for 39 days now with the IF:Equip thing I mention sometimes. The scripture was  … “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.” Matthew 5:5 Another word commonly used for meek is humble … So in other words blessed are the humble. And it just made me smile. God was humbling me again before him, before Danny, before myself. It took me 5 months to humble myself enough to put this crazy thing in my mouth to sleep with at night. It encouraged me to strive to continue to live humbly, to seek out ways to be humble in my life, with friends, with family, with my kids, with myself. And it encouraged me that even after these 5 long months God is still refining me, hes still working on me on my heart, he is still with me, he loves me. 

Psalm 25:9 says … “He leads the humble in what is right and teaches the humble his way.” And if we live with a humble heart I feel like it’s living with a loving heart. Ephesians 4:2 encourages us to “be completely humble and gentle; be patient; bearing with one another in love.” It’s hard to be humble and to be loving in a world where that’s not the norm but being able to show humility and love to those who don’t receive it, who need it, who long for it is the best thing I’ve felt in a long while.

A few verses from the casting crowns song courageous … 

Seek justice, Love mercy, Walk humbly with your God

In the war of the mind, I will make my stand, In the battle of the heart, And the battle of the hand

The only way we’ll ever stand, Is on our knees with lifted hands, Make us courageous Lord, make us courageous


2 thoughts on “be humbled … 

  1. you are so doggone adorably cute, you know I realize that God put you on this earth for major major reasons and I know that you’re helping tons of people just even to know that you’re so beautiful on the outside and yet you’re not afraid to admit that you’re a little on the broken side inside but you are so strong and I don’t think you even see that part of yourself, I just want you to know that you ere such a blessing and I just sit here and giggle at times when I read your blogs I love you and adore you Andrea Michelle


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