Some of you … Maybe all of you have seen this already-I’ve heard it’s been on Facebook. But I had to just share it anyway. It brought me to tears and made me excited and inspired me and I just couldn’t hold it in. And y’all I had to share it. 

Do you hear all the y’all’s coming out?? And I don’t really even say y’all but it just feels right to say it right now!! That’s how fired up I am about this. Do you realize, grasp just a little how amazingly and Extraordinarily brave she is. She went on the today show … NBCs Today show and articulately spoke the truth so well, so inspiring, so full of grace, so full of love that I want to just hug her and raise my hands in praise for our Jesus. And Hoda stood by her, didn’t interrupt her, just gave her grace and love … That speaks volumes as well. I used to judge that show-they drink wine like before 10am and goof off and do lots of other sometimes embarrassing stuff but yall who am I to judge … I had it wrong. I judged, instead of loving. Loving them, children of God, we are all children of God and thus we should love not judge. I’m not saying they are perfect but what they did today, what Kathy did today and what Hoda showed by supporting her through it…y’all is so totally totally awesome!!! And I pray I have the ability, the guts, the conviction, the reverence, the grace, the love, and God so much more to stand up and praise you in the darkness, to shine the light on you especially when everyone expects me to be sad and mourn but instead I point my finger, my heart up to you and your goodness!!! What an amazing rock (husband) she had in her life to lead her in that way, to look up when things are hard and praise their rock rock, our rock rock anyway. God is soo good and I’m so thankful for Kathy lees reminder that even when it’s hard and unexpected and against the grain you should stand up for what you believe in … You should stand up and praise this great and righteous God that we serve. 

Well done Kathy Lee and well done to the Today show who support her and her beliefs and to God for giving her the bravery and avenue to go on national television and do the unexpected. 

Kathie Lee Gifford returns to TODAY: ‘Outpouring has been extraordinary’ http://on.today.com/1MxyNip 


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