He is fighting for us!!! 

Oh gosh … Oh gosh!!! So I just had two thoughts come together … God did a little whispering in my ear and I have to share … So earlier when I was reading I came across this verse  … 

It’s Nehemiah 4:20 “Our God will fight for us.” And it brought me back to March 19th when the sickness and journey and trial started for me and my family. It made me think of all the times the Lord was fighting for us, for me, even and especially when I didn’t feel him or think that he was. And I was gonna write this big post about it. But then I decided to try to nap before the kids came home so I would have enough energy to endure snack time and homework time and dinner time and then alone time with my hubby. So I layed down and woke up thinking about how last week I was so frustrated that I couldn’t find any goat yogurt. – I know my thinking is random, I blame it on the neurological ish that going on 😉 – Yogurt used to be a staple, I mean a real staple … An at least once a day sometimes twice a day staple in my diet and since learning of this MTHFR gene mutation thus leading me to go gluten and dairy free I haven’t been able to have the staple I loved so much. No more regular yogurt or Greek yogurt but I can have goat yogurt though it’s so hard to find. I mean … So hard to find that it pretty much lead me to a break down about it. I literally said through tears to my hubby…”I just want to have yogurt and granola again!!” 

And then my friends … My loving husband … My husband who continuously gives and gives and gives to me and loves me even when I make it difficult found a Trader Joes!!! And in him finding a trader joes my goat yogurt woes were no more!!! – on a side note, do you remember that song by Arrested Development … Called Tennessee??? Here is it … You won’t need to listen to the whole song to get what I am saying, in fact please don’t I’m not exactly sure how clean this song is in its intierty, I mean it’s a rap song so I’m sure it’s probably not clean but that’s total judging on my part, anyways you just need to listen to the first like 15 seconds or so … http://youtu.be/6VCdJyOAQYM

But did you hear the Tennessee … Tennessee … Tennessee … Tennessee… You know on like high then low voices … That’s what I think about after my experience at Trader Joes except in my mind it says Trader Joes … Trader Joes … Trader Joes … Trader Joes … In the exact same way it says Tennessee in the song 😊 I know I’m weird but it was like a praise God thank you Jesus moment. I mean it has all things goat! Yogurt, milk, blocks of cheese, sliced cheese … It was like a dairy free haven!! 

And so when I sat down just now to tell y’all about it … My moment of holy goat yogurt … the Lord, the all powerful, sovereign on your side only good almighty God whispered that verse from this morning to me. And I couldn’t help but just share it with you!!! 

I don’t think it’s a quincidence that after I had the crying for goat yogurt moment, after I had given up and was turning it over after I was done trying to do it myself after all that is when the Lord brought me … Trader Joes … Trader Joes … Trader Joes … Trader Joes!!! You see sometimes we make things our idol … Even something as silly as goat yogurt. We think that we can only be happy if we find that or we rely on that to bring us happiness. We become fixated on that. I mean our idols could be anything from goat yogurt … To our kids doing well in school … To who our friends are … Or where we live … Or our job, it could be anything. The enemy is good enough to convince us to make anything more important then our God. We just have to work to not let him do that, we have to like it says in Ephesians 6:11 “put on the full armor of God.” And we need to work, pray, be strong and remember that God is good, he is, even when we feel like he isn’t there or what we are going through isn’t good, He will turn it into good, He only wants what’s good for us and will make it good for us. And … And my friends … Our God will fight and is fighting for us!!!

I’m getting long winded … I don’t like long winded blog posts cause even I when I read them tend to skim over it and I never want my blog to be a skim over blog cause even though it’s my blog I feel like it’s stuff the Lord puts on my heart to share and it’s good stuff. So anyways, yeah like is says in Nehemiah 4:20″our God is fighting for us” even in the small stuff like goat yogurt … He is fighting for us!! 

Trader Joes … Trader Joes … Trader Joes … Trader Joes!!! 😉

*on a side note, yes I could eat the soy yogurt they have recently come out with  but there is inconclusive research on how much soy a woman should truly intake and I want to eat a lot of yogurt. And I could go the coconut yogurt route but it’s super sweet and lacks any protein, while goat yogurt has 7g per serving. I have tried the coconut ice cream though and it is good. But I’m not a huge icecream person a handful of some nondairy, non nut, non soy dark chocolate chips after dinner or an occasional gluten free-dairy free- soy free chocolate chip muffin that I can’t remember the name of the brand right now and my sweet tooth is good to go!! 

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