good for the soul … 

You know … I’ve been thinking … There are just a few things that are just good … Like good for my soul good. So I thought I would share today …  

Like let’s see a good cup of coffee. But a good cup of coffee must have good creamer, well I used to think so but now good coffee if it’s truly good, creamer is just a perk. That was not my tune before I got sick, before I got sick these were my words … “I only drink coffee mate French vanilla creamer, I love it, I know I drink too much of it but I will NEVER give it up.” Ha – you know, I think the Lord got tired of hearing me say that cause as we know in March I had to give it up. And now even though technically it is non-dairy it’s filled with bad bad things for you so silk French vanilla almond milk creamer is my go to. But anyway like I was saying, good coffee is something that is like good and satisfying to my soul. 

Another thing like that is a good book. And sometimes it’s the space that you read in and the book that your reading. I’ve recently had the urge to escape from my kindle/reading on my phone via my kindle app to wanting to have the book in hand. I feel like for some reason it will add to the good feeling reading brings and then stacking that book on a bookshelf or nightstand and then even being able to share it with a friend. I love to suggest books and sometimes I wish I could tangibly share that book that I love. I feel like it would be more impactful I think if I could share the book with them and not just the recommendation. And like I crave the feeling of holding that book while reading, like having something in my hand being able to underline the good words and thoughts. Hey listen I’m weird I know, embrace it…I am!! 

Y’all know about me being a fan of a good pen … Especially if it’s a good colored pen. I sent a picture of Psalm 46,47 and 48 (which are so so good) to my mom yesterday and there were 3 different colored underlines with in the psalm …. Look …  


 The 3 different colors is really because every time I’ve read them something else stuck out to me and so it needed a different color for that different time in my life that it was impactful. So colored pens! A good for the soul thing for sure! 

Another good for the soul thing is a good nap. In fact I’m inspired to write this today because I just woke up from a goooood nap. I haven’t been able to have good naps lately … Since March and this nerve recovery naps are something I do pretty much daily and when I don’t get one or im unable to sleep when I lay down it really negatively effects my day and I end up checked out sometimes with a headache or mentally just not there and I have to go to bed early which doesn’t allow for much husband wife time. So naps are really something that help my healing, my marriage, my being a parent, my mental capacity, my sanity … My everything really. So anyways back to the point … on Monday and Tuesday I had to take the kids to school and man the house alone till Danny got home since Dannys mom was out of town and it flat out wore me out. I was useless Wednesday – couldn’t think, could barely keep my eyes open, I tried to take a nap but I didn’t sleep which I tried to sleep Monday and Tuesday but just couldn’t, I just wasn’t at ease idk so last night I literally went to bed when the kids did 8:30 and I was done. I woke up today feeling a little better but after going for a walk just decided to lay around. Then I layed down and it happened people … It totally happened…I finally had a good … Good nap. A nap that just almost feels like God is smiling when you wake up saying “your welcome.” And so thats what I had. One of those naps. Yay!!! My soul so needed that nap. 

One last thing that good much needed naps lead me to think of. They lead me to think of Sunday mornings. Sunday mornings that lead to being in church singing good songs, praising God, hearing his word and feeling and learning about Him. Waking up with the mindset of honoring God that morning and getting there on time (that’s a big one for me) and having little chaos – even if I have to get up earlier to help fend off that chaos, these are all ways that help me and my family have a better Sunday and then leads us to being more open to encountering God during that time at church. 

So not a lot of substance today but just a few of my good for the soul things that help me press on in this journey. Maybe I’ll have some more to share with y’all soon! 


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