8 things I’ve learned in the month of 8! 

Today’s post is inspired by things I’ve learned in August … So here we go! 

8 things I’ve learned in the month of 8 

1. I totally judged Kathie Lee on the today show so so incorrectly. 
-I have blogged and posted about Kathie Lee’s dedication to her late husband, so you know how much it fires me up – in a good I love Jesus kind of way. It was just so beautiful … Extraordinary (I use this word cause she uses extraordinary a lot in her dedication,I think it may be one of her favs) and unexpectedly amazing that it’s just awesome. I mean when someone who you least expect uses such a huge direct avenue to spread the love of Jesus I just want to applaud her, hug her, and thank her for shining the light on Jesus when everyone else expected expected her to come out broken and in darkness…instead she came out on fire for Jesus. Gosh … It’s just amazing and so inspiring … Here is the link in case you didn’t see it … http://www.today.com/video/watch-kathie-lees-touching-tribute-to-husband-frank-gifford-506707523589

And here is a link of them featuring Hillsong and their new AWESOME my current fav song on their show … http://youtu.be/vxz4FM9NCOw
2. I am in love with all things All Sons and Daughters  

 I choose that picture for them because raising my hands to Jesus is what every song makes me wanna do!! 

– the new CD, well not really CD but iTunes album I guess you would say that I am wearing out right now … It’s just all good, raw, inspiring songs that are just gooood. Like to the bone good. Here’s the “album” I guess that’s I love …  

3. I am loving the Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey!!  

 -so I’m not usually someone who likes to listen to people talk. Just ask my hubby. He loves to listen to people talk … Sports, Jesus, Redskins football … You name it, if we are scanning the radio station and we hear someone talking we have to stop and listen to see what they are talking about. Now I have come a long way – by long way I mean I no longer eye roll or give off that cold vibe to him while he is doing this, I feel like I embrace it quite a bit more then even a year ago but I am just not like that … I like to listen to my music. Music I can sing to … I can fist pump to … Dance to … Or music I can raise my hands and close my eyes to. So pod-casts were not something I ever even tried. But I follow Jamie Ivey’s blog … I got to know her through IF and she usually posts one like once a week and so I started listening and I love them. She just has real conversations … sometimes deep sometimes not so deep and they are just good. Which leads me to my next … 

4. I want to talk to you more then I want to text. 
– God has really changed my heart this last year or so. I am an introvert and one way I always introverted was by texting. I would text and text, big stuff … Little stuff … Heavy stuff … Not so heavy stuff … and I still do not the big stuff too much anymore because I want conversation too. I want to hear voices and reaction and I want my people to know I care. More then just a how are you text to which we usually always reply good or fine or we explain why we aren’t good or fine but we brush it off move past it and then ask how you are. I don’t want to move past it. I want to know. I want to know so I can pray for you. And I think listening to Jamie Ivey and her pod cast of real conversations sparked that in me a little bit. 

5. My husband is a Godly man and a great leader of our family 
– so letting go and letting my husband lead me and us as a family has been something I would say of the 12 years we have been married I might have let go, nourished and allowed him to lead maybe probably realistically just this last year. Sad I know but thankful to God for the restoration our family has experienced in this. 

6. In heaven I may not be “married” to my husband 
Matthew 22:30 “at the resurrection people will neither marry not be given in marriage;they will be like the angels in heaven.” And in mark 12:25 “When the dead rise, they will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven.” I read this in a book recently and I never pondered that thought or bible verse, I never ran across it and I immediately began to cry. It just broke my heart that I wouldn’t have my Danny or our marriage in heaven but I’ve come to learn that I will have my Danny he will be an angel with me and though I won’t have my marriage what I will have in heaven with God our Father will be eternally better then this earthly marriage I have now with Danny. I rest in that. 

7. I am beginning to feel better but God is still healing me 
– I miss work … I know I don’t believe that just came out of my mouth as well but I do. I miss the relationships I had there and caring for people at their worst and learning everyday. I thought I was close to being back. I had a couple days of accomplishing a lot drove twice but the next day was just wiped out. Stayed in bed most the next couple of days and had to recover. I tried to go to the driving range with the family and quickly remembered that I am still sick-recovering. I became dizzy and it sparked a migraine and had to check out pretty quickly. I’m not dwelling on the things I can’t do as I once was but just feel like God is reminding me that I am still sick … I am still recovering … I still need lots of rest. The Dr says I have another 6-12 months before I will be back to being me. Stay on the dizzy med combination three times a day untill my next follow up he says. Waiting is hard. Rendering control is hard. Taking it easy is hard. Having the kids see me like that is especially hard. But I will keep being patient and pray for the day when I can work again, drive again, give my all again, feel like me again but I am thankful for the lessons the Lord is teaching me in the mean time. 

7. Being strong isn’t about being tough sometimes usually it’s about being weak 
-weak enough to make changes, to admit faults, to admit hurts, to shine light on sin, to clean out your heart and make it pure, to work on you, to allow God to work in your life and in your heart, to realize you can’t do it on your own, to seek help. It’s easier to be strong vs being weak and more growth and beauty comes from being weak vs being strong. Just a thought. 

8. Dairy free living is hard but doable.
– you just need to find your go to stuff to help transition you from all things dairy. French vanilla almond milk creamer (for my coffee) … Unsweetened chocolate almond milk (for my protein drink in the am) … Unsweetened vanilla coconut milk (for pudding) … Goat cheese … Goat yogurt … Feta cheese. Butter is a hard one … Especially when trying to go out to eat. It’s on everything people!!! And dairy free means no butter. I haven’t found a good substitute for that one yet. But as you all know from an earlier post … Trader Joes has made my dairy free days so much easier!! 

So yeah there they are 8 things I have learned in the month of 8! 


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