My work … 

I mentioned the other day in my 8 things I learned in the month of 8 post that I missed work. And I wanted to elaborate on that a little more, And hopefully shine some light on Gods amazing goodness that even in our trials we are beginning to be see. 

No I am not working anymore as a nurse. I keep asking when I can go back, when will I feel better, when can I get off these meds, when will I be able to drive, when will I be able to turn my head side to side with intention or look in the back seat at what the kids are showing me and not become dizzy or nauseous or have it send me into a migraine. But I keep getting the same answer – 6-12 more months – so I guess I will start listening and stop asking. And in that I will start embracing my new work and the work the Lord is doing in me right now. 

You know what I get to do every morning … I get to give my kids their first kisses on their cheeks to wake them up. I get to be the one to whisper in their ears 5 more minutes then lay with them until they have to get up. I get to be there every night as we read devotional a and pray together as a family of four before bed. My work has shifted. My work has become my family, my health and my relationship with the Lord. Writing notes in lunch boxes and on car keys, taking naps so my mind can rest and I can do homework one on one with them, being the one who’s there on drop off and pick up, writing in my journal, watching cartoons, talking Pokemon (well trying to) and playing princesses. I no long feel pain in the quiet, lay on the floor not knowing what to do, sleep my day away, cry more then I smile and a lot of that is Gods goodness and his grace but it’s also my decision with prayer to seek help. (I wrote a post about it called let’s be real you can look up if your interested. Also I may share something else I’ve wrote but not posted yet on depression soon … I’m still praying about that. ) But all that to say that the Lord has opened my eyes to what my work is now. My family … My health and My God. 

Some days aren’t easy just like when I work as a nurse not every day is the same and everyday isn’t easy. But I think sometimes when we step back and see that life isn’t just rainbows and unicorns, it’s work. It takes work to be a good mom, to be a good wife, to have a good marriage, to be a good friend, to love the Lord and build your relationship with him. It’s all work. That’s not to say that it’s bad. I think when we think of work we think on the word negatively. But think of it in a positive way. We get to work to be better in all those way and in that our life becomes better. Yes we may have trials but if we are better equipped mentally and spiritually to take those on we can look on them with light and not darkness. My health right now is work y’all. Meds, vitamins, gluten free, dairy free, limit sugar, increase organic fruits and veggies, write down headaches frequency and severity, counseling, memory loss, brain fogginess, rest, quiet, stillness all of it. Please don’t hear poor me here, I am blessed in this and know things could be worse, their are people suffering all over the world but a counselor once told me not to compare suffering. In it you belittle what you’ve been through or what your going through and it’s all unique and God is in it all big or little severe or not so severe. Comparing suffering is limiting Gods ability to do work in your suffering, but that’s a whole other post. What if when someone came in the hospital the dr was like, yeah your sick but I believe you can get better, I’m gonna work hard for you, I need you to work hard for me and especially for you because in that you will get better faster and feel better faster and you could possibly feel better then you ever have? Maybe it would decrease the number of non-compliant patients we have. 🙂 ha! Just a thought!! 

So anyways … My work has changed. Im gonna stop resisting it and start embracing it. Start realizing work can be good. No this isn’t what I saw myself doing 7 months ago before all this happened but oh well. God is in it, I can feel it and I know he will only bring good out of it so like I said I’m gonna stop resisting and finally start embracing. 

Are you embracing your work? Whether in a work setting or in the home? Are you embracing working on yourself, your marriage, your kiddos? I just finished reading Everyday Grace by Jessica Thompson and it’s soo sooo soooo good!! It speaks about putting Gods grace into all you do. In your relationships, your work, your everything. “Infusing all your relationships with the love of Jesus.” It’s a great one if your looking for a good read!!! I mean who doesn’t need grace everyday??!!! Gosh I know I do!! ❤️


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