War Room … 


War Room … 

” the goal of prayer is not to change Gods mind about what you want. The goal of prayer is to change your own heart, to want what He wants, to the glory of God.” 

Prayer is “Talking and listening and being excited to spend time with someone who loves you.” 

Y’all those are quotes from the book above and y’all this book, this book has me all fired up. Just excited and inspired and wanting to tell you all about it!! I’ll be completely honest … I was skeptical at first. So I need a room one room only to pray in. I don’t really believe that, those were my thoughts. And so at first I wasn’t on board but I prayed about it and I’m so glad I decided to give it a chance, because though it’s named war room it’s not selling you that prayer has to only be done in this one room. It’s about that and so much more. So don’t give up on it like I almost did. 
War room is made by the same people who produced Fireproof and Courageous. Neither one have I seen or read, probably definitely should have, if they are anything like war room then I definitely should have. Danny came home talking about it one day, he had heard good things about it on the radio and so I watched the trailer and read the summary and saw that it was based on prayer I was honestly kinda hooked. Ordered it and read it in 3 days hooked!!! 

Prayer has changed my life … Our life. And it wasn’t over night. That’s the only thing about the book it kinda makes it seem like start praying and things start happening, that’s not always the case but with patience and perseverance and commitment things will start to happen. And the book highlights that. Highlights when committed to prayer and with an open heart to not change a persons heart or problem but to begin with your own heart and the ish that needs cleaned out that’s when things start to happen. With the surrendering of yourself first. 
It goes through and talks and walks you through steps of prayer when your not sure where to start or how to even do it. Chip Ingram did a sermon about prayer and he used the acronym “ACTS” I wrote it down back in June and it has helped me tremendously.  
Here is the notecard I made that helped me remember. I am a writer down of prayers. It helps me focus and stay on track and just pour my heart out without my mind wandering easily. That’s not to say that’s how you need to pray but it was helpful for me. Prayer is so many things, little conversations with the Lord unscripted, on your knees broken and weeping and even writing specific things out. There isn’t a right way or wrong way to prayer there are all ways to prayer. But I will say this when I started making time for intentional prayer, time devoted only to prayer-communing with the Lord…that’s when my relationship with him changed…grew…felt stronger. I started hearing whispers and having hope and believing again and seeing his goodness, his sovereignty, his power. The big picture to get to begin to understand and breathe in goes back to the quote at the beginning of this post … ” the goal of prayer is not to change Gods mind about what you want. The goal of prayer is to change your own heart, to want what He wants, to the glory of God.” To change your own heart not to convince him of what you want or feel like you “need” but that he will change your heart to what He wants for you and bring him the glory in the process. That when we see the work he has done – we have done together – through prayer and in our lives the first thing we do is give him the glory! We point up to him, he deserves the glory the credit not us. And by giving him the glory first we stick it to the enemy. The book is cute about that too. Making sure to point out when God has won the victory and the enemy has been defeated. 

So – yeah – war room – see it … Read it … Do whatever you have to do to see it or read it or both. And soo cause it’s that good. And it highlights prayer and how important it is, it’s that important. It just is. Committing yourself to it will only bring about good. You are Gods child, he wants to hear your heart, he wants to spend time with you daily, he wants you to get to know him better, he wants you to lay it all out for him all that mess your afraid to admit or dig into he doesn’t care he loves you anyways and he wants to show you his love even in your mess and brokenness, he wants you to share in and show you his glory, his goodness, his power all of it. He wants that for you! His child! 

Well done war room!!! Praying for you all … All of you. Rest in that. I don’t know who you are but I can see how many people look at the blog daily and I pray specifically for y’all. Rest in that but rest also in the assurance that God is on your side, fighting for you, waiting for you to draw near to him to lean in to him.  Remember … Prayer is “Talking and listening and being excited to spend time with someone who loves you.” He loves you … No matter what … 


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