clinging …

It’s hard to write … I just keep repeating in my head Hebrews 13:5 – “Never will I leave you, Never will I forsake you.” 

Yesterday I looked up a lot of verses on the promise that God will never leave us. Here is what I found …  

So I found a lot. And repeated and am still repeating Hebrews 13:5 to myself. It’s what I’m clinging to right now. And I thought maybe you could use something to cling to as well. 

My thought-plan in between clinging to the promise and having a good moment is to bring you a different promise to cling to everyday of this month. It will help me have something to focus on, help me lean into him even if I am having a bad moment, help me learn his promises so I have them stored in my brain ready to use against the lies and maybe it will help you. 

So yeah some days it might be a lot or just one verse, some days it might just be a song, some days it might be a picture…depending on how I’m feeling I guess. But I will try very very hard to bring you  … us … something each day … For the whole month of October. So yeah 31 … Well 30 days of Gods promises, since today is October 2nd. 

So just finished writing this then I walked to the living room and my lulu showed me this …

And in that my fight got a little stronger!! 

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