be still … 

writing challenge day #5 –  the Lords promises 

Today I went for a walk. A slow slow walk, but a walk at least. You see yesterday was a really bad day. I basically slept all day long. I was up off and on, when the kids came home from school then when Danny came home from work then when we put the kids to bed and Danny made me a smoothie but then after that I was back asleep. I hadn’t had that bad of a day in a long time but in it I was able to rest physically and mentally and emotionally and even spiritually. 

Then I got up this morning feeling better, not better better but better. And so I went for a walk with the dogs and on the way back I just started taking pictures of the trees around me … Here are a few …

 And this one …  
 And this one …  
 And this one …    Ok last one …   

And as I was taking those pictures the Lord placed this verse on my heart … Psalm 46:10-11  

 Sorry for the super up close picture of my thumb nail!! Ignore the thumb nail. But “Be Still” it feels like he whispered down today and told me to just rest and be still and in that know that I am God and I am taking care of you and things and like it says in verse 11 He is with us. 

So that’s what I figured we would pray today and shine His light on. That He is God, that He is with us, always, and that we need only be still and in that stillness he is there working in and for us. Just be still. 


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