his love endures forever 

writing challenge day #7 – the Lords promises 

His love endures forever – His love for you, for me, is all over the bible. There is even a whole psalm devoted to it. His love knows no boundaries…no skin color…no gender…no nothing. He loves no matter what forever. He was willing to nail his son to the cross to proclaim his love. 

Scripture – His love endures forever  

Psalm 136 – Hymm of praise 


I hope you can read it. But the point of this promise is that Gods love endures forever. For all our days. For our dark days, the days we keep locked away in our hearts – he loves us through them. He loves us even in them. He loves all our days all of us all the time. No matter what. He is love and through him we are loved the most wholly and completely. Rest … Rest in His love for you. 


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