it’s who we are 

writing challenge day #8 – the Lords promises 

Y’all … Y’all … Y’all … Ha – sorry but I have to share a quick story related to the “y’all’s ” – so last night was date night …  See cute pic below … 

And so we were on date night and on the ride home I shared this song I found with my rock … Danny … And I got all excited because the chorus that I’m gonna share with you just hit me so hard and I got all excited and I was like I have to write about this tomorrow – I have to do another day on the Lords (our Fathers) love for us and I did I mention how excited I was at this point? Well then Danny started making fun of me and saying “I can see it now … You will say … y’all I’m just so excited … Y’all … Y’all just wait y’all” hahaha he’s hilarious and knows how to make me smile and laugh and it was pretty funny and right on so I laughed with him and decided not to be mad. 🙂 

Anyways … Back to the point. Yesterday I stumbled upon … Or really the Lord brought me this song … 

This song is sung by Bethel church but I bought off iTunes the one by Chris Tomlin, but he doesn’t have a video out and the one by Bethel is super good version, and it shows you the words as well so that’s even better! 

But what really struck me and gave me that y’all – oh my goodness moment was the chorus when it starts “Your a good good father,It’s who you are, it’s who you are, it’s who you are” but then it finishes with … “And I’m loved by you It’s who I am, it’s who I am, it’s who I am.”

It’s who I am … Who I am is that I – me – you – are loved by the Good Good Father, and that’s what defines us. It’s not the enemy on this side of us telling us lies or our sinful human nature in the other side or this fallen world staring us in the face and all around us … None of that defines us. It’s His love, that defines us. That we are loved by our one and only true and good father. We are loved by Him so much more then we could ever comprehend. So much so that it’s who we are. Because of our good good father …  It’s who we are! It’s who Jesus is … It’s what’s most important. Love! 


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