fleck of faith 

writing challenge day #13 – the Lords promises. 

So I’m a little late tonight … It’s been kinda a rough day. It should have been a good day … I got up and read early with Danny before he went to work and I sat by my happy light which helps with seasonal depression and I got to run today and then vacuum (I love to vaccum it’s my favorite … No really it totally is … For real) then I read a book and rested some but today just didn’t feel right. I wasn’t awful … I’ve had worse … I just felt down and quiet and just weary I guess and I don’t know why so I wasn’t really going to post anything today. But I made a commitment and I didn’t want to let you all down and I prob need a promise to remember today … so here we go. 

When I was looking through what to post I came across this verse …


It’s also written as “For we live by faith, not by sight.” And it brought to mind a quote I wrote down once by Jennie Allen – the founder of IF – she said … “Your prayers are precious to Him, and it only takes a fleck of faith for Him to move mountains in and through your life.”

It only takes a “fleck of faith” for him to move in and through our life. I just have to have a fleck of faith to keep on going even when I can not see. Even when it takes me all day to convince myself to do something like post a promise. A fleck of faith is all I need to cling to for him to be working in my life, I don’t need this big strong faith because God is there in the big faith moments and the small faith moments. He is there for us no matter what. So when my walk is hard … And I can not see … And my strength is gone … And I’m hanging on by a fleck … God is there … He is working … He is moving … He is will never leave us. He will walk with us in the good, the bad and the in between. In the strong, the weak and the flecks. 

We just need a fleck of faith and in this, His grace is sufficient to keep us going. Hang on and keep the faith – God and His grace will keep us going, keep us moving and He will continue to move mountains even when we can not see. 


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