My grace 

writing challenge day #20 – the Lords promises  

  So  I was suppose to have a doctors appointment tomorrow. A new doctor … I’d been anticipating this appointment since last week really. Just nervous about seeing someone new and all the things that brings … Having to explain everything again and everything we have been through since this whole thing started … Having to trust someone new … Having to possibly endure new medicine or new treatment, it’s just all new and new things take me a while to process and embrace and trust. So yeah tomorrow at 2:45 is the day and time I was suppose to go … Until I got the call at 3:15 today asking where I was. Ugh!!! Really did I really get the day wrong??? 

And so so many thing started racing through my head. “Your such an idiot! Really you aren’t working you aren’t driving you aren’t really doing much of anything you couldn’t get this one important appointment day right?? Really?I mean how hard can it be to get one appointment date and time right?? And then I remembered 2 Corinthians 12:9 “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.”and I just took a deep breathe. 

And then a quote I saw this morning came to my mind, it was this  …  

 And so I took another deep breathe … Texted my people to let them know, I was not in fact going to the dr tomorrow that for some reason I got the date wrong and I all I could do was close my eyes pray for Gods grace and for His timing in this. And then I continued to pray until I started to calm down. 

You see His grace is sufficient … His timing is perfect and even when we mess up and get things all wrong and have a hot mess of a day God cares but it doesn’t really matter to Him really … He loves us just the same as if we had a perfectly perfect day – which we know never happens. But it’s true, in those moments of His grace coming down on us, like it says in the verse, we can boast – boast in our weakness – because then my friends then we can rest in Christ power on us. His power on us. 

It’s hard to feel, it’s hard to remember, I know. I know! I feel it too. I struggle and wrestle with it as well. But it’s there, it is. His power is on us, we can rest in His power, His power that is made perfect in our weakness. In our weakness. Our weakness … When we are weak we have His power within us, on us. Not in our pretty tidy life do we get grace along with His power but in our weakly broken weakness does He blanket us with His grace and allow us to rest in His power. 

Resting in that today. His grace, His power and His perfect timing. 


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