Did you forget who I AM? 

writing challenge day #23 – the Lords promises 

This morning I woke up and received some texts from a friend. Not just texts though, they were pictures of a story from Mark chapter 4 and Matthew chapter 8, written for children in the children’s story book bible. It was written so simply, to kids, yet it was so impactful… I wanted to share it with you …  

 How many times do we feel like our storm is too big?? Gosh more times then not right? At least for me.  How many times do we ask ourself … Where is God?? We plead with the Lord like wake up, don’t you see me struggling and hurting and crying out to you … Where are you? Please fix this storm we are facing?? …  

 “Don’t you care Jesus? Why haven’t you rescued us (me) yet?”  

 And then this just brings it home doesn’t it … “Jesus replied, ‘why are you scared? Did you forget who I AM? Did you believe your fears, instead of me?'” 

They didn’t know who this Jesus was, it says. They didn’t realize he was the Son of God, but we know this and we still have the same reaction they do. We believe our fears instead of the one true I AM. How many times friends do we forget just how all knowing, all powerful, sovereign our Lord is? For me it’s a lot. I see the storm instead of seeing Him, Jesus. I see the storm as being this big overwhelming ginormous thing that could never get better or get resolved and I forget that the Lord is bigger then any storm I could ever come encounter with. We forget that like it says, if Jesus is with us, in our hearts, it doesn’t matter how small our boat is or how big the storm is. He is the I AM. He is way bigger then any, any of our fears! If Jesus is with us we do not need to fear…we do not need to fear anything because Jesus is bigger then any fear, we just need to believe, trust in the one true I AM. In JESUS. 


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