abounding grace 

writing challenge day #25 – the Lords promises 

– sorry I missed yesterday – day #24 …I started out feeling well but started to get dizzy at church and the dizziness and migraine just seemed to progress throughout the day into the night. But, I am feeling better today so I’m thankful for that!!

So on to day #25 …

“Your grace abounds in deepest waters ” has been playing in my head since my last post. Thinking on and resting in, the Lord being the captain of our storm led me to the song by hillsong called “oceans.” Which the picture above is a verse from the song. Some of you may know the song I’m referring to. The song has so many solid … Firm … Raise your hand verses in it. Verses we can listen to and rest in. And I think it kind of parrelles off the story I shared on the previous blog post. 

I’ve posted more of a striped down version. I like those better, you probably have figured that out by now. But just listen quietly once maybe twice maybe more and feel the words friends. “My soul will rest in your embrace … For I am yours … And YOU are mine.” We are his! Even in the darkest deepest waters, we will always be his. “Where feet may fail and fear surrounds me You’ve never failed and You won’t start now.” He’s never failed! He’s never left us! He’s never leaving us! He is strong enough for us, he is more then enough for us. “His grace abounds in deepest waters. His sovereign hand will be my guide.” He will guide us even in our darkest valley, Jesus and his grace will meet us there. Even when we can barely see up over that wave, even when the ocean continues to rise against our efforts to make it calm, even then his grace abounds and his sovereign hand leads and he will give our soul rest, because we are his and he is ours! 🙏🏼 what a promise! 
Oh, one more thing, I have to share a story with y’all. So after I received the pictures of the story I shared from the children’s story book bible I started looking for it on amazon, but decided we didn’t really have the $ to spend right now and we would just keep my eye out for it at a used book store in town that we go to and maybe just look around on different websites. That was Saturday morning … so Sunday we head into church and at church there is a resource table with books they recommend and like and you can have them for FREE. And guess what book was on that resource table??!!  

 Yep!!! The book that has the story I just blogged about, the book that we wanted but decided we shouldn’t spend the $ yet, the book that we wanted to bad for our kids but didn’t have, yeah that book right there, the Lord delivered to us through the church, through our church, through His church!! I think that adds an additional raise your hand up to the Lord moment right there, first that it was on the table the day after we were so moved by a story written inside of it and second, that he brought it to us through his church! Brings Hebrews 13:5 to life for me – “never will I leave you, never will I forsake you.” 


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