help my unbelief … 

Help my unbelief! My unbelief!! Cause it’s there and it’s strong. It may fade some here and there but I think our nature as a fallen world is one of unbelief. It just is. And it really stinks, like really bad that that’s our first thought, second nature to us, unbelief. 

I have been studying women of the Old Testament through IF:Equip. It’s a devotional or small study based on scripture that you work through everyday. And God has just been showing me things this week … And showing me strongly like strong enough that I have to share with y’all. So after 38 days of this study, what has God been showing me … Yes … It’s my unbelief. 

Do you know what we have that these women of the Old Testament didn’t have … We have the bible. We know how the story ends, we know our redeemer lives, we know the price has been paid for us to be free and that He raised from the dead on the third day just like he said. We know it, we can read it when we need to be reminded, we can turn to and even memorize scripture or listen to a song, or a sermon, or a podcast, we have so many avenues to help us in our unbelief, just the fact that we have the bible and we know how the story ends blows my mind cause you know what … These women of the Old Testament, these women I’ve been studying … They didn’t have the bible, they didn’t have all the avenues I mentioned above to turn to, to find hope in when their faith was fading, they didn’t even know how the story was going to end … And yet they stood strong, they believed well, they hoped and loved and followed their God, our God faithfully and well. And all they had was their faith. They put all their hope and dreams and faith into Jesus … He was enough for them. And I guess it just convicted me a little bit. Made me want to strive to be more faithful and to believe and to have unwavering faith like they demonstrated for us throughout the Old Testament. Jesus was their savior – He was all they had to hope in, all they needed, he was enough. They didn’t need anything else but the Lord. 

It’s like it was so simple then how did we complicate it you know what I mean, where did we go wrong? We have so many resources, avenues and we still sometimes – excuse my bluntness – but we suck at believing and trusting and placing our full whole unwavering faith in the Lord. 

But the good news … The good news my friends is … That we have a God who sent His only son to the cross for us … He loved us and did that for us not even knowing if we would believe and love him. He loves us that much. Even before He knew if we would love Him. Gosh we have a good God.  

So breathe deep … Rest in our fathers love … Your fathers love. He is enough. 


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