O come let us adore Him 

I love this picture … I had to share   

Something feels different this year … Many years in the past … Well all the years in the past this time of year has come and this time of year has gone with me not truly reflecting on what it means … This thing we call Advent. 

Advent in its definition says – “the arrival of a notable person, thing, or event. More – the first season of the Christian church year, leading up to Christmas and including the four preceding Sundays. CHRISTIAN THEOLOGY – the coming or second coming of Christ.” So why have I never reflected or realized the significance of it? I mean I think I’ve been asleep until this year … What’s my deal? 

I guess I just have never taken the time to reflect, ponder, wonder about advent, which is sad to admit because I grew up in the Catholic Church- my grandmother in heaven is probably looking down on me and saying in Italian … “marone” … “Testa-dura.” But really i mean, I haven’t … it was always just purple candles with a pink and a white one … I mean ignorance I know … but this year as we are coming upon that time and I feel this weight, this like heavy yet beautiful and powerful thing of great importance is upon us …  not in a bad way at all just in a holy cow – reverent – this is big I want to savor and reflect and soak in this all important time of preparation for the coming of our Savior. 

And so this year feels different to me. Maybe it’s cause I have the time to reflect, I have the time to ponder, my head isnt filled with the noise of this world that was such an idol of mine in the past. I’m in a place where rest and focus on my rock and my rock rock and my kids is of the greatest importance which enables me to just rest in all those things. It enables me to strive to see the blessings and to live a life of thanksgiving. And though I am a sinner and will and do fail putting those things in the front of my mind, putting those things first helps me to see the importance of preparing my heart for Christs coming. 

I don’t want to stress … Or be anxious … Or depressed … Or burdened … Or worried … Or filled with doubt and fear and regret this year. I don’t. I’m gonna strive to trust and when I trust in Him – His power – His sovereignty – His presence then all those things stress, anxiety, depression, worry, doubt, fear, regret will disappear. Designing the perfect Christmas card … I’m not gonna worry about it, I’m gonna trust … Having money for Christmas presents this year, I’m not gonna worry … I’m gonna trust, having the perfect Christmas outfits for church, I’m not gonna worry … I’m gonna trust, the list could go on and on. But I refuse to do it, I say that but we all know how easy it is to fall back into the hustle and bustle of this world and this time of year but listen, I am gonna work so hard to not do that. I want to enjoy it – I want to see my kids eyes and the light they shine – feel the love of our Savior and show that love to my kids – give longer meaningful hugs to my rock rock and my family – just do things purposefully with an attitude of love and an intentional demeanor. Because we are worth it, you are worth it, He Jesus is worth it. I want to …  

 And do it well. Yes I will fail, it will be hard to stay in that mindset during this busy, noisey season but I , we can do it. Think about how much better this season could be if that was our intentional intention, to be purposefully purposeful, in a way that is lovely lovable … Keeping calm and focusing on Christ!! We can do it!! 

So let’s go into this Christmas season, this Advent season with adoration for our king. I believe when we approach it this way, He will bless us abundantly. So let’s … Let’s come and adore and rejoice in the coming of our King!  



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