It’s Thanksgiving eve – eve y’all …

Hey, Happy Thanksgiving eve – eve. Come on it made you smile … Don’t deny it 🙂 This Thanksgiving week, the Lord has really put it on my heart to begin to prepare myself, my heart and mind for thanksgiving. To choose to make this Thanksgiving one of meaning, one where we choose Him, we choose to see His blessings we choose to present our hearts to Him with thankfulness, gratitude and love. 

It’s about a choice … To make the holidays one of meaning … One that we choose to see and have Him in. It’s all a choice. It all takes effort … A decision. Everything does … I have to choose to get out of bed, choose to read my bible, choose to saturate myself with the Lord but every time we make that choice it becomes even the tiny tiniest bit easier. It will. At least that’s what I keep telling myself, what I keep choosing to believe. Listen, it’s certainly not easy – there is so much ish in our heads, ish engrained in us that tells us first of all to rush past thanksgiving and let’s get to Christmas already and secondly tells us that thanksgiving is about the glutiny of food and football and afternoon nap … Arh Arh Arh!!! (That was my Tim the tool man Taylor grunt – maybe you remember that show – if not please ignore me and my 90’s humor 😊) 
This year I don’t want it filled with chaos, to – do lists, anxieties of the day, schedules of when to cook this and that  – when to eat. I know we talked a little about this regarding Advent, how we are going to prepare ourself for Christ coming but I feel like I’m being shown this year that it starts with Thanksgiving. This is when the preparedness starts. This is when we begin to purify our hearts and open our eyes to the little blessings the Lord has brought us before we get to celebrate the blessing of all blessings, Christ on Christmas Day!! 

All that being said here are some scriptures that will help us prepare and get in a thankful, grateful, mind fully on Christ mindset that will help usher us into Thanksgiving day!  

Father, prepare in me, in us Lord, a heart full of gratefulness, full of thankfulness, full of your love and let me, let us radiate it to those around us. Help us to make this thanksgiving a holiday of meaning, a holiday where you are glorified, a holiday where your blessings are apparent and our ability to recognize them and see you is never ceasing. May this thanksgiving not only be meaningful but allow it to prepare our hearts for this Advent season where we will be preparing for the coming of your son … Jesus.  

 Happy thanksgiving eve-eve y’all!!! 


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