3 days till Christmas!!! 

I thought I would post a few Christmas thingys the next few days. So here is one of my favorite songs of the season…

My grandmother used to walk around our house singing this song loud, proud and completely out of tune. I look back on it now with a grateful and somber heart, grateful I have this glorious memory that warms my heart and makes me smile but somber because I so wish the Lord didn’t call her to heaven so soon. I wish my daughter could have sung along with her all loud and proud. You know you look back and think “gosh I wish they were still here, God called her home way way too early.” That’s how great she was … The Lord couldn’t wait to call her home. 

But I have glimpses of her in Hunter and Layla. Layla has her spirit and the joy you were able to feel through her, and Hunter has her kinda heart and her ability to radiate love for other through her hugs and her eyes and her words. So I’m thankful for and cling to that. 

If your hurting this Christmas season, know I am praying for you. Cling to your memories … Cling to the Lord. Never will He leave you, never will He forsake you.” Hebrews 13:5 

Here is a taste of my loud and proud baby girl … Hope it brightens your day!! 



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