do you feel alone in the wilderness …

Do you ever feel like you are alone in the wilderness of life? Your looking around searching for answers, searching for signs of life, signs that God is indeed with you … He has not deserted you.  
He hears your questions, He sees your desperation, you have been lost, longing, waiting for Him for so long and your so far into the thick of the wilderness you don’t see an end in sight. You think this is it … He’s left you, He doesn’t love you, He must have forgotten about you… 

But then you hear it … A whisper. 

You see it … A glimmer of light. 

You feel it … A tiny bit of hope. 

And you stop and realize your not alone. The Lord has been with you, this whole time. He hasn’t deserted you after all. 

Your not alone in this unknown wilderness. You’ve never been alone. 

God hasn’t forgotten you, He’s preparing you. Not in a way to make you stronger or more knowledgeable about the thing your about to face, but He’s preparing you by affirming His presence in your life. He’s drawing you closer to Him. He’s making His presence known and strong in your life. 

He did this for Moses. Forty years Moses was alone in the wilderness. Forty years he waited before the Lord showed him His provision for His life. Moses came to the desert a prince, knowledgeable and trained and ready to lead his people over Egypt. But God had him wait forty years … Forty years to humble himself, forty years of wandering, of searching of waiting for the Lord. And after he was humble and striped of his pride and of his confidence for the fight … That’s when the Lord appeared to him in. Exodus chapter 3 shows us this. 

God wanted Moses and only Moses. Not his big head or manly muscles or educated words. The Lord wanted Moses stripped of all the things he knew, all the things he relied on, leaving him meek and humble and ready to rely solely on the Lord. 

The first 5 devotional put it this way … “Who we are isn’t nearly important as who HE is!!” God didn’t provide for Moses everything that he needed, He (God) will be everything that Moses needed. 

And He’s ready and wants so badly to do that and be that for us but first, we must be stripped down off all our stuff … All the stuff that we think we need or want or am and realize that the Lord is the only thing that we need. His presence is far more important then anything else that we could tangibly have. 

Again first 5 says it this way … we must “anchor our faith in the presence of God and His profound sufficient character.” That is where we will find confidence, not in our gifts but in His presence with us. 
And this was such an encouragement to me today. Most days I wake up, ready. Ready for what the world throws at me, ready to lean in and rely on the Lord. But as time ticks away in the day my readiness dwindles. I get less patient, more irritated, more quiet, i dont see the goodness or the blessings or the beautiful things of my life and in the world. 

The wilderness gets thicker and thicker and thicker throughout the day until I am irritated with the kids, irritated with my hubby, rushing and unlovingly getting the kids ready for bed and then find myself leaning over my bed at 8:00 overhwlemed often crying and feeling lost in the thick thick wilderness all alone. I’m ready to just give up, ready to surrender to the day and just go to bed. And I dont want to be like that. I dont!
Maybe things can be different. Maybe instead of praying the Lord gives me what I need to get me through the wilderness, I should be praying He would make His presence known to me, especially in the time when the wilderness seems so so thick. Because who we are isn’t nearly as important as who HE is. 

Exodus 3:12 – says “I (God) will be with you.” He will never fail us. He will never leave us. He wont and that a promise He states over and over in the bible. 

Funny story real quick, last night Hunter was telling me that he was kinda scared of the zombies in minecraft, they just creep him out he said. And I was like well they aren’t real buddy. And Danny’s bible was sitting next to him on the table – and I’m thinking oh this will be a good one, and i say – “Buddy, you know what the good news is … we know its not real because its not in the bible.” and both the kids without even letting that statement rest in their little brains, say – well cars aren’t in the bible and they are real, and horses aren’t in the bible and they are real. to which i say, ohhh come on you know what i mean!! And they just laughed at me :o)

Anyways, back to the wilderness. I know its hard friends, feeling alone in the thick wilderness. Feeling like you have been there for so long without any relief. Feeling like things will never change, God must have forgotten about you. I feel it to, but thats not true! Its a lie!! Do everything you can not to believe it. 

God has never ever ever forgotten us in the wilderness of our lives. Never has He and never will He. He is there with you … pray He will reveal Himself to you. Pray for whispers, for glimmers, for hope. Because He is there, those things are there, we just have to prepare our hearts and minds to receive them!

Remember friends … its not meaningless!!! Its doing something!!! Be brave … it leads to beauty!!! 



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