hump-day happiness 

We have had more then 36+ inches here at our house in VA. And still have at least 2 feet on the ground … It’s been so surreal and so beautiful and just needed quiet still time. 

The kids have been off since last Friday due to the snow ❄️❄️ and so has Danny. It’s been awesome!! 

This isn’t going to be a long post but I wanted to leave you with a few quotes that I’ve been pondering this week and bring you some hump-day happines!! 

Fleck of faith – I love this. All we need is a fleck of faith to keep going. Just a fleck. 


I’ve been through and am still walking through a valley of struggle but it’s not gonna define me. I’m not gonna look back on it and see the struggle, I’m gonna look back and see His rescue. His redemption, His Grace. 

As I’m finishing this post I’ve quickly realized that though this has been fun for me, my kids are over it. They need time out of this house, a change of scenery. They are quite feisty and at each others throats. 

Danny and I decided to try to cheer them up … Hope it makes you smile as well… 

 oh and one more… 

 Ok … One more … DJ lulu freshy fresh …  Your welcome 


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