“I am not certain about the ram … I am certain about the lamb..”

There was a talk given by Angie  Smith on Saturday … This girl right here …  

It as well as what happens at the end, when Jennie Allen (the founder of IF) comes out, well it kinda just sums up IF and what it’s about, and how it impacts people. It’s messy and broken and unpredictable and scarey but beautiful and inspiring and just takes root in your heart.  


This above is the link of Angie’s talk and the whole first session that took place on Saturday. Her talk is at the 1:15 (hour and 15 min) mark. 

I pray you get to see it. I think it was my favorite of the weekend. I don’t like to say that cause it was all so so so good. 

I’ll try to write more later but wanted to post this link because I believe it’s free to watch until tonight. 

Ellie Holcomb singing beautiful is another highlight in this session as well!!  

 Oh and there is Jen Hatmaker. And Anjali George who gosh was just so inspiring and brought me to tears.  

 Praying you have a chance to watch. 🙏🏼 

Oh and we sang good good father twice throughout the weekend. It was so wonderful. 



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