we must speak the truth to our kids … 

So yesterday, yesterday I was at the kids school. They had second quarter awards and Layla received one. So even though Danny’s mom left to go out of town and I was feeling pretty crummy, ok really crummy … I drove up to the school to watch. Missing it was not gonna happen, it wasn’t an option.  

So I get there and watch Layla receive her award. It was so sweet and she was so proud. 

She then started crying and ended up sitting with me the rest of the assembly but I’ll tell you why in a minute.

I knew Hunter wasn’t getting anything so as they led the kindergarten through second graders away and as they waited for the third – fifth graders to come in, I went back out to my car and decided to finish up the women’s bible study for tonight’s group. 

I had finished and was reading a book but something told me to go back inside, to be there and see Hunter, so I did. I was able to sit right across from him without anyone between us. He was excited to see me there. 

As the awards for 4 th grade were being handing out I could see the anticipation within him. The anticipation as he got ready to go up and receive an award, but that award never came and his wiggly body started to still and his shoulders began to hang low. 

I got his attention asking if he was ok and he mouthed … I didn’t get an award. I immediately thought of a picture I saw in a post where Jennie Allens son played a football game ( I may get the story all wrong but this is what I remember and I feel too crummy to look it but and get it exactly right but I’ll post the link so you can read it yourself) and they lost the football game and she got this picture…  

 Of her hubby running up to her son after the game and getting to him before anyone else could. Getting to him so he could hear the truth before any other lies got in there and defeated him. 


This is the blog post where she talks about it … 

And so in remembering that I got up, tapped his teacher on the shoulder and said I was gonna check Hunter out early. I wanted to get the truth in his head before the lies of the enemy and this world were all he could hear. So we walked around his school and to the car and had a few minutes to talk about the truth. The truth that the world may tell us we need awards to feel good, to feel love but Jesus is our award. He and mommy and daddy love him so much that, if he never brought home another award it wouldn’t change our love for him. He is good enough, more then good enough and more then loved, the cross shows us that. To see the discouraged look in his face and body turn to one of encouragement and love and truth was so … It was just amazing. 

All that to say…look for those opportunities to get to your kids first and get to them first. Do whatever you have to do to get there first. Get to them and speak the truth of Jesus to them before all they can hear are the lies. It makes the days of having to be in bed and the pain of life worth it. Totally worth it. 

So back to Layla. I missed my opportunity to get to her first yesterday. I didn’t even think I would need to … But after Layla received her award a girl in her class told her that her award was better then Laylas and Layla cried real tears, real puffy eyed tears and ended up sitting with me through the rest of the assembly as I tried to speak the truth to her after all she could hear were the lies. I couldn’t get to her first but thankfully Gods grace allowed me to still have an opportunity to speak the truth and to remind her over and over again of that truth the rest of the night. 

 It may seem like we speak the truth … We love you, Jesus loves you, you are so smart, you are my favorite, how did I get so lucky, etc … All those things, it may seem silly to keep saying them and saying them and saying them to our children or the ones we love but trust me friends … It is worth it, we need to hear it over and over and over again. We can’t hear it enough. 

So we were 1 for 2 yesterday in getting to our kids first and speaking the truth. Thankfully grace covers where we fall short,grace wins! 


One thought on “we must speak the truth to our kids … 

  1. This is so, so good. I jumped over here from your comment on the IF: Equip for today and I’m so glad I did. It kind of reminds me of advice I’ve heard before from other moms about keeping the conversation open with my kids about drugs or sex. I tell my kids that I love them multiple times each day and sometimes wonder if they really feel it and know it. How could I expect that just having “the talk” 1 time would be enough to set their minds straight about the importance of purity and holding to God’s standard? It has to be an ongoing conversation. Just the same with what you’re talking about – the enemy will take ANY and ALL opportunity to sow seeds of lies and deceit, so I need to take EVERY opportunity to sow truth. Love this. THANKS FOR SHARING!!


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