i saw Jesus  … 

God showed up yesterday … Not in a whisper or a song or a sunset. He showed up in a way I totally didn’t expect or recognize until today. 

He showed up in a child … My child and her name is Layla. 

From the minute she got home from school and she found me in bed she wouldn’t leave my side …  

 She loved and she loved well.  

 She set up a tray table and chair and did her homework by my bed … 

She read me a book  … 

 She filled up my coffee and water and made sure they never ran low …  

 She painted me a picture … “get well mom” it says … 

 It reminded me this morning that although I may not have heard a whisper above the anxiety or above the pain or in the quiet of laying in bed for days but I have experienced the Lord. That is for sure. Layla showed me the Lords heart and love. Her selfless acts were of the Lord. 

You know in Luke 9:47 Jesus says, “Whoever receives a child in My name receives Me, and whoever receives Me receives Him who sent Me…” Children give us a glimpse of heaven and of Jesus’s spirit and love, we just have to be still enough and quiet enough pay attention to it and recognize it. 

Her acts yesterday, seeing Jesus through her are carrying me through the day today. And the selfless selfless acts of my rock. 

Gosh he ( Danny ) is something absolutely amazing that I never could have dreamt up. God has blessed me with a man beyond what I thought I ever deserved or wanted or thought existed.  I can not even begin to tell you the depth of this mans love and heart …   

 He portrays every single word of this verse to me day in and day out … I can’t even … Can’t even begin to describe all the ways he loves me. 

This year has been, so much. So much for me that easy you can see that but it’s been so much for him. So much you can’t even imagine and he never once faultered or slowed down or let up. He has loved me and or family giving of himself every single day to ensure I am ok, we are taken care of, we feel his love and security and his presence no. matter. what. is around the corner …  

 – the fight is worth it y’all. Jesus is worth the fight. Love is worth the fight. YOU are worth the fight. 💗




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