a cross marks the spot …

I’m a little apprehensive to post my back-ety back pictures on here but who cares it’s not about my back its about Gods goodness. 

So I had the LP on Thursday. I, we were so very nervous. Even the doctor could tell. But he took his time in explaining everything to us then talked to me through the procedure and just made the whole thing a lot less painful. 

After he numbed me up he said “ok I’m gonna mark an X of where I’ll insert the needle” no big deal, I’m like ok just stop talking to me and do it already. He does it inserts the needle still talking expecting me to answer – then takes an X-ray to make sure it’s where he needs it to be … Umm there is a needle hanging out of my back and you want me to talk to you??? 

Anyway, he finished … I survived and after laying flat for a couple hours we made our trip back home. 

Fast forward to Saturday now, we decided to take off the bandaid and found not an X but this …  

 Not a X at all but a CROSS!!!  And the dr didn’t just make a cross he drew a cross, heavily tracing over it making it bold! 

 And I was reminded He … The Lord is with us. He will fight for us … He is fighting for us. No matter the results of this LP He’s (the Lord) gonna be there. So thankful for the doctors simple gesture of faith and my Lords ability to continue to remind me that He is there, the pain and fight are worth it, I am not forgotten and most of all I am loved. 


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