If you have read my blog then you probably know how instrumental IF has been in my life. Truly I can’t even put into words how instrumental. IF has influenced my walk with the Lord so much and has just enabled and helped me to have an intimate relationship with Him that I am so so so thankful for. It’s gotten me through and continues to walk me through this year of sickness. 

Anyway … the point of this post, the point is to inform y’all that a brand new IF study started today.  

 IF: I Believe … The Nicene Creed. I was lucky enough … (Well it wasn’t luck, it was totally the Lord) to receive a free copy of the book that goes along with the study. 🙌🏻

I’m really excited to study the Nicene Creed … Even though I grew up going to catholic school from pre-K through 12th grade and we recited this creed every Friday and Sunday at mass and I can still recite it to this day, I’m excited  to dig deep and really learn what even though its recitable is without any true knowledge in this brain of mine.  

 So here’s how you can sign up and get in on the study. It’s a quick, light study which includes scripture and a video with woman sharing what the passage ment to them and a place to ask questions or leave a response or nothing at all. 

They email it out to you early in the morning, around 5am which used to work perfectly for me to do it before I went to work, now not so much but I leave it in my inbox for a reminder until I’m able to do it 😉 

You can sign up at IFEquip.com or you can go to your App Store and search IF:Gathering and get the app. The app is new as of today and so far it’s really neat and is a great tool as well. 

You do not have to have the book (that’s above in the picture) in order to do they study but if you want it you can order it in the IF store. 

I really hope you try it out. It may seem like you don’t have time for another study or you aren’t sure if you will really do it but I urge you to just try it out. Light the candle🕯 and take the next step of just today, yes it’s a nine week study but don’t look that far, just the next step of today. 

It’s really a wonderful community that God has blessed me through and I pray and feel that through it He will do the same for you. 

**if you noticed my amazingly pretty nails, they are nail wraps by jamberry and they make me so so excited and are a part of helping me continue to fight and are one of the things I call my happy place. I have a special special person who is also part of my happy place that sells them. They come in all colors, patterns, designs you could ever imagine, they make me really excited … Kinda but not as much as the Lord or IF but you get the point … if you want info I can hook – you -up!!


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