You are worth it … 

I have a heavy heart today…on this Good Friday. I think it’s the first Good Friday where I have felt this way. 

The weight and severity of what Jesus our savior was enduring right now as I type this, is just heavy on my heart. What He was baring so that I could be saved is just huge. 

I saw this picture which kinda helped me feel a little better. 

 But it just feels big this year. I read all through the last supper and Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane and up to His crucifixion, I’m not sure I’ve ever read through it in one sitting before. But I just feel the ache for what He was going through on this day so so many years ago. 

Maybe it’s because, well because honestly I have had many moments this year where I have wanted to just have this life of pain and what has felt like mental and physical tortute to just be over. I have. 

And in those moments with my rocks (Danny) help we have recited and clung to if its for His glory, let it be for your glory Lord, if it’s for your glory then let it be done. And from the bible we know Jesus was there as well. And listen I’m not trying to compare my pain with Jesus’s pain, please don’t hear that. But I pray that in this fight people see Jesus, that I can point you to Him and he can be glorified because without Him, Danny nor I could have been down this road as far as we are right now. 

And I think Jesus would want that to. when we see the cross, that we would see His pain and suffering that He endured so that we could be saved but that we would also look a little bit beyond the cross and see Gods glory … The resurrection. 

Without the cross we wouldn’t have the resurrection. We would have death and death alone and we would not see Gods glory revealed in life with the resurrection. 

Romans 5:8 has been a huge huge verse of impact on me this year.  

 While we were still sinners…He died for us. While we were still sinners, like not still deciding if we believed in all this Jesus stuff or while we yeah believe but not real sure if we want to live that way or while we are trying hard to live in a way that Jesus lived but still mess up … No He had NO stipulations. No sin committed or yet to be committed was too big. 

In Luke 22 is the story about Jesus telling His disciples what was about to happen, Jesus’s death. And Peter is saying how He is ready he will go to prison or to death with Jesus and Jesus tells Peter that Peter is going to deny Jesus 3 times before the rooster crows. And of course Peter says, no never. 

And so we fast forward a little bit Jesus is arrested and Peter is there but stays off in the distance and proceeds to be asked 3 times each approximately an hour apart and denies that he knows Jesus three different times to three differnt people, and after the third time Jesus turned and looked at Him in the eyes and the rooster crowed. 

Even after such betrayal Jesus went to the cross for Peter. Even after the worst sin you can think of Jesus went to the cross for you, showing you His love and His fathers love for you! 

 So yes, Good Friday is a hard day but it’s a day that had to happen. Thats what the Lord has shown me through writing this post. 

It was necessary. It had to be done. And it’s the biggest most perfect act of love anyway could ever show YOU. He loves you!! He choose you!! Even then before any sin you would commit would be committed He wanted went to the cross. So one day when you weren’t sure of His love or didn’t feel it that day, you could look to the cross and say … “Yes, I am loved!!” 

 Today is the day we can say “it is finished” and wait in great anticipation for a day we have the luxury of knowing is coming … When Jesus rose from the dead … The resurrection!!  

 You are loved friends. 


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