why my current read is a 4th grade book … 

Dairy of a wimpy kid old school …  

 Harry Potter and the Sorcerers stone …  

 What do these two books have in common? 

Well besides being two books not about Jesus (Sorry I don’t discriminate about books but Jesus books help me fight and keep me encouraged so I usually stick to them) and two books I would have never picked up to read on my own, they are two books my 9 almost 10 yr old has been begging me to read. 

You see even when we don’t think our kids are looking, they are watching us … Learning us. 

He sees my love for reading and has started to become quite a reader. Mainly just in the car and at school and not really at home. I mean who wants to read when their are board games or an Xbox to play? 

And so when he finishes a book at school he then brings it home for me to read. 
It started with diary of a wimpy kid. I tried to get out of it but he kept asking and bringing it around where I was and so I figured it was important to him and that was enough of a reason to do it. What else am I doing all day anyway right? Granted it’s a good no headache day. 

So I read diary of a wimpy kid. It was so cute, Hunter’s reaction. He would ask me what part I was at and get excited when he saw me reading it. Sure I could say I read it and not really read it but in my heart that just didn’t feel right. You could really see the joy it brought him to share the experience with me and to hear I was enjoying it. That made the fact that I was having to read a book that is on the 4th grade level humor and nonsense worth it. 

And it made me reflect deeper. If I want him to think of others and do things for others and yet I’m not actively doing things for him how can I expect him to do the same? Sure we make our kids lunches and wash their clothes and figure out dinners and take them for haircuts and make sure they are clean and get to school on time but they don’t see those things. They just think those are givens. Eventually one day they will appreciate all the hard work but those things aren’t bringing them joy or warming their heart right now so I don’t think they see them that way. 

I’ve learned a lot over this year of not working and being home more. I’ve learned so much about my kids that I never knew or took the time to learn before. And it’s taught me about the world as well. 

I think that if we want to show Jesus to the world, we want to disciple to others we must start at home with our kiddos. Their who’s gonna be able to make a tangible difference. Not me. 

And a way to do this is to start taking the time to see and do what brings them joy. We can still do the things we love to do and have done for us too. We want them to think of others first and be appreciative we must show them how. 

Actions more then words especially with our kiddos are monumental. 

My childhood memories are very scattered. I still get glimpses of them that I never remembered from time to time. I do remember though, my mom used to draw hearts out of the bread in PB and jelly sandwiches for school. Hearts and I love yous and that always made me smile and helped me feel loved. 

I do the same now. Well not the same. I don’t know how she did that, I don’t think I’m that talented but I leave notes I’m my child’s lunchbox everyday. Its not fancy or anything. It might be a “Happy Friday , I love you so much note” or just a “I ❤️ U”note or “I love you, you are my favorite” but something everyday. I imagine they see it and are encouraged and know they are not alone and that I love them. I hope they do anyway. They have never really said much, Laylas is always on her lunchbox when she brings it home and Hunter always saves his and gives back to me. 

But one day a while ago, when I went to go to bed, I found this laying on my bed waiting for me …  

It says in Layla spelling “you are my favorite.”

And it just reminded me, though my kids may not say thank you all the time or may drop to the floor when I ask them to put away their jacket and say “why do I have to do everything, parents never do anything” though they have no grasp of the amount we do for them now … One day they will. And one day they will leave us love notes by our bed for no reason or bring a book home for you to read because they thought you would like it or bring you a plant or flowers home because you took the time to really see the flowers they were looking at and loved so much. 

I don’t know. I think of the verse in Matthew where Jesus says “whoever welcomes on such child in my name welcomes me.” 

It just screams to me that if we want to be close to Jesus we should draw near to the children and I really believe that starts at home. And for some of us that takes great prayer and patience and work and for others it will be easy. But like so many things it will be worth it. It may take a while to see, years even but it will. The fight is always worth it. To see the love and light that will shine through their eyes….worth it. 

Leave your kiddos love notes … Eventually they will start leaving you some and read 4th grade books if you have to in order to connect with your growing too fast almost middle school age son. They might not show you they appreciate or say thank you for it …but look hard, they will and I believe you will even see Jesus. 


2 thoughts on “why my current read is a 4th grade book … 

  1. Hi Andrea! Read some of your latest blog entries. Thank you! Especially liked the verse you posted (Habakkuk). Hang in there and I will try to remember to pray for you. Your if sister, stephenie


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