some lovelys 

So I’m laying the day away in bed. The weather has changed, a front coming through and it is wrecking havoc on my body. Or this Lyme thing is roaring its power again, I’m not quite sure but it real “ishy.”

Anyway I thought I would bring you some lovelys that are helping me get through these days and may hopefully help to encourage you today. I’ll explain the “lovely” word later … 

First a few songs … 

This song is by Urban Rescue “His name” and it literally brought me to tears this week. 

And this song by Bethel “Ever be” another arms raised to the air praising our Jesus song. It’s currently on repeat next to my bed reminding me no matter what His praise will ever be on my lips. 

I recently became a Bethel fan and downloaded an album of theirs. It isn’t their new one but it’s wonderful.  

 This is the album. 

Here are a few other lovelys I’ve found this week …  

 This is from a book that comes out Tuesday and I can.not.wait. To read it. I saw this women speak at IF and she is so inspiring. Here is her website so you can see the journey she has been down and the way God has just filled her heart with Him even in the midst of pain and uncertainty.


This is also an IF girl as I call them and her message just helped me just like take a deep breathe and breathe easier when I saw this picture. It’s so the truth. My pain has a purpose…your pain has a purpose. Somehow that makes it easier. 

One last thing … A book!!! I’ve been reading a lot lately and my most favorite book this week is Annie Downs “Looking for Lovely. 

 I’ve already lent it out because it must be shared. It’s so good but I can’t wait to re-read it. But the “lovelys” word came from this book. I’m trying to collect “lovely” moments even when I’m not feeling well or its just not a lovely day, to still look for those moments when the Lord and the Holy Spirit are saying … “Hey, you are loved!!”

Oh ok one more thing … My new nephew Rylan Maverick and his daddy my brother …  

 God is so so so good. 

That’s all for now. 

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