books, books and more books plus a few of my happy places 

I thought maybe today I would bring you some books I’ve read and enjoyed this month and maybe you might enjoy them as well. 

It’s almost summer … Isn’t that like book reading season? I don’t know it seems like maybe it would be wth all the vacations that may be getting planned or looking forward to the laying by the pool or sitting in the sun. So here you go 🙂 

I’ve read 5 books … Working on a 6th in the month of April. Five almost six books … To even think that it’s been that many kinda amazes me but hey I’ve had a lot of down time and I’m thankful to say the Lord has cleared my headaches and enabled me to read more. A few months ago I could barely listen to music let alone read so I’ll take the progress. Reading and books are part of my happy place so I’m going with it y’all. 

Ok so here we go … First is Harry Potter 

 I wrote a post about why I was reading a middle school book … I wish I knew how to do one of those underlined things so you could click on it and it would take you there but I don’t know how so for now just scroll back a few posts and you will find it. But it was good and made me want to watch the movie with Hunter and he’s already started on the second book and then is gonna let me read it so we can talk about it 🙂 

Second is … Unafraid by Susie Davis.  

 She is an IF girl as I call them and was involved, well in the classroom and witnessed one of the very first school shootings. It goes through the trauma she witnessed and how the fear of not being in control impacted her life moving forward and then how the Lord walked her through restoration and redemption. I also wrote a post about it and how I could related it to how I could totally bow down to fear in my life living with Lyme, so scroll back a little further past the Harry Potter book and you should see that post too. 

Third is … Oh gosh it’s Looking for Lovely by Annie Downs.  
 I read her book Lets all be Brave last summer and wrote a post about it … lol. But that one was good and had its own timing but this book is so much better. Not that the brave one isn’t good. This one has a sense of authenticity and tenderness that warms your heart and encourages your soul. I’ve already lent it out and even plan on reading it again. It’s so so good. Get it if you need encouraged or to know your not alone or help seeing the Lord in the little things or just for a good good read. 

Fourth is … Miracles from Heaven by Christy Wilson Beam. Yes it’s the movie that’s out with Jennifer Gardner in it.  
 I found it at Walmart for $4.99 so of course I bought it … Books are a weakness of mine that why I recently joined the library and have a library card 🙂 Anyway, this book is so good and left me wanting to see the movie. Lots of good quotes in this book as well. Here is on of my favs …  

 I’ve needed a “big ol’ bucket of get-over-yourself,” during this Lyme crap and so it hit home for me. It also ends positively so if you are looking for a happy ending, this will be right up your ally. 

Fifth is … When I’m Gone by Emily Bleeker.  
 My sister told me about this book and the library didn’t have it but it was on sale on the kindle version for $4.99 so yeah I got it. And it was really good. Kept you reading and reading and reading. I would have liked it to tie up the ending a little bit better and elaborated a little bit but it left me space to envision how things went a little bit more so that was good. It’s a good summer read for sure cause I finished it in like 4 days or something so it’s a quick fun read. 

Lastly is … Good news for Weary Women by Elyse M Fitzpatrick.  
 And I’m still reading this one but I thought I would include it since I’ll probably finish it in a few days. A friend gave it to me and I’m so thankful. The cover says … “Escaping the bondage if to-do lists, steps and bad advice” and it has helping me do just that. And I’m not even in the thick of to-do lists right now because of my healthy but I do struggle even still with expectations I place on myself and struggle with the lies that have taken root in my head for years on end. I think that this is definitely a re-read as well. 

Ok so there. There is the books I’ve read in April. I wish I knew how to set up that link to where you could click on the link and it would take you right to the book on Amazon so you could order it. I think I need a blog/using the internet effectively seminar or something. I have quite a few books already lined up for May and I’m super excited. And I have 3 on hold at the library so whenever whoever out there is reading them and decides to return them I have 3 more on deck!! Good ones too. 

 jamy jams,     

  an occasional walk in target, 

theses two …  

 My new garden …  

 Our new kitty …  

 my hubby …  

These are all a few of my happy places. 

What are yours? If you don’t know go out and find them…sometimes they are hard to find but they are worth the fight. 

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