a little bit of this and a little bit of that … 

I am back in bed under the heating blanket and on top of the heating pad but guess what??? 

Today has been a better day. Pain is still there but I was able to will myself to Target for some things we needed and my mother in law and I also stopped by the library to pick up the books I had on hold!!! 
I’m so excited and kinda embarrassed to admit that I nor my family utilize the library but things are gonna change because frankly I love books but they get expensive y’all!! 

I dream of a library full of books in a house of our own one day but realistically I can’t buy every single one I want to read so I’ve found the next best thing. 

You lay in your bed and search books you want to read at the library and request to put them on hold so then when whoever has them decides to return them they email you and you go get them … And read them … For FREE!! I know!! My hubby is gonna be so proud!!! 

The other fun thing I learned this week is that if you pre-order (buy) a book yours excited about reading before it comes out Amazon has it on your door step the day it’s released! So great right? 

Here is the one I’ve been anticipating since the IF:Gathering in February.  It’s just what I need right now. I almost don’t want to start readin it cause I know ill read it so quickly that it will be over before I know it.  I know, I know … So silly but it’s helping me fight 😜 

One more thing I wanted to share that encouraged me today. It comes from Philippians … Did you know God is in you and isn’t gonna stop working in you, or stop loving you or give up on you until the day He brings you home to Him? 

This morning in the IF devotional it referenced Philippians 1:6. “He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” 

I read over this verse everyday for like a week and totally missed the point, the yes thank you Jesus message. He’s never gonna stop loving us, we are never gonna do anything so bad that He would leave us, He is always gonna be waiting for us to call on Him, staying with us until Christ Jesus returns. 

That truth brings me hope today to keep on keepin on. And it reminds me that I can’t just read my bible and expect to see all the thank you Jesus moments, I need tools to help me, bible studies, books, resources from smarter people then me. 

One of my faves is obviously IFequip.com. I love all things IF, it’s an amazing thing God is doing with these women and I couldn’t be more grateful. They are real and sometimes messy and often broken and aren’t afraid to share their joys or their struggles. They have written books and shared their hearts and we blessed to live in a time where there are so many amazing women fighting to bring us the Lord. 

My other favorite thing is this book … 

 It has simples small daily readings with scripture references that really open your eyes to the Lord and His presence and love for you. I read through it a few years back but now I keep it by my bed for whenever I need encouraged and to help feel the Lords presence. It’s pretty amazing. 

This post ended up being longer then I expected but I hope it encourages you a little bit today and helps you remember that you are loved and to keep fighting. 


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