just a little something … 

Do you know when you know stuff … You’ve said this stuff that you know … You’ve heard songs about this stuff … Read books on this stuff … Listened to podcasts on this stuff … Preached this stuff to yourself but it’s just not sinking in or lasting for longer then the moment it takes you to hear it or see it or speak it?  
Maybe I’m not making sense. I think I’ve stayed away from posting anything 1. because my hands and arms hurt and are so tired so trying to type is just more then I wanna do and 2. because not making sense has been a big worry of mine. But I’m gonna try and just bring you some good news I was reminded of this morning. 
This stuff I’m referring to is the Lord and His glory and grace. I think I’ve been in this Lyme fog between treatment and pain and crappy crap and just haven’t allowed myself to remember Him and His promises and really feel them deep deep in my heart. 
I got up this morning unable to get up and out of bed and ready for church. And that was just like a punch to my ever sensitive gut. I don’t like using the word hate … We don’t use that word on our house but I haaaaate missing church. Hate it. But with starting a new month of treatment I/we needed to listen to my body and not push it. 
Something made me turn on a Clayton King Ministries podcast of a sermon of his. I used to get up 30 min early whenever I had to work and leave at 5:15 am so that I could hear a short sermon they played on a local radio station in Johnson City and for some reason the Lord had just put it on my heart to listen to a sermon of his this morning. 
And I’m so glad I did. It’s nothing I didn’t already know. In fact I think I’ve posted before about these promises of the Lord but these promises that I know and knew weren’t being applied to my life. I wasn’t living them. So I’m so thankful for the reminder and thought maybe you may need a reminder as well. 
Y’all … Did you know … Do you remember that the Lord is coming back for you? For me? He’s coming back. This life, this pain, this anxiety, depression, stress, decisions, money problems, heartache it’s all temporary … All of it. It’s not gonna last. 
See and just like that I got nothin. My brain and hands and fingers and arms and thoughts are done. But at least we got a little something today right friends?? 
So I’m gonna keep fighting … Will you? We can Keep fighting and fighting and fighting together friends. And when we are weak and don’t think it’s worth it anymore we can look to the cross and remember the empty grave. And remember He came to this earth not to condemn us … (John 3:17) he didn’t come to say look how bad you sin and need to be saved … He came to save us already knowing how broken and needy we were. 
Hopefully I’ll post again soon friends. I have a lot of books to share with you. 


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