healthy health update … 

For some reason God has given me this ability to say these things out loud and then bam they come true and he calls me to be obedient and walk through them with Him. 

For example … A conversation Danny and I had many years ago when we lived in FL at the time … “Ok, yes I think we should move to Johnson city but just know I will never move to VA.” Fast forward a few many years and bam we are living in Va. 

Or … Like when Danny and I met I said I could never live in the country, I want to live in the city and then bam 13 yrs later I literally live on solitude lane about 30 + min away from the nearest grocery store. 

Looking back the Lord has slowly been moving me further and further away from what I thought I wanted and closer and closer to what I said I could never do. And I see now His call to obedience and to walk through these things with Him and not on my own agenda. 

Basically I’m telling you all that to say that in April when we were trying to get in to see a Lyme literate dr and the wait was pretty long before we could get an appointment, I remember driving down the road with Danny and looking at him and saying ” you watch, I’m not gonna get in till the summer and then I’m gonna be sick all summer when we are supposed to be having fun and getting a tan and doing fun things as a family.” 
And then bam my appointment wasn’t until the end of June and here we were about to embark on grueling summer of Lyme treatment. 

But this time was different. I could have sat there and felt sorry for myself but decided to walk through it united with Danny and with the Lord and try to make the best of it. Danny helped me see that. He also helped me see that it was a good thing, a God thing to get into the thick of treatment all summer because danny was gonna be home to help take care of me and the kids. And he helped me remember to walk in obedience and trust that the Lord was guiding us on this journey and y’all, he was so right. 

I began treatment July 1st, treatment that as of right now will consisted of three different antibiotics over the next three months. On three weeks then add another antibiotic the last three days of the last week then taking a week off and beginning again. We added the third one a month into treatment because a test for Babesia which was sent off to a lab in CA came back positive. It’s a coinfection of Lyme so we are attacking that as well. Right now it’s just three months but it all depends on I tolerate the antibiotics as well as how my body reacts during and after the rounds of antibiotics are over. 
My first round of treatment went pretty well. The first week or so the vertigo came back pretty heavy and left me feeling this loss of gravity feeling … You when you go over a big jump fast or your on a roller coaster, And your nauseous and it’s pushing you into your seat so you can’t move but you feel like your floating at the same time … I was feeling that constantly. 

The praise God, so thankful thing though is after we saw the dr and got all my meds in order along with some detox stuff to help with the symptoms we packed our bags and headed to FL. So even though I was feeling sick to my stomach and like the world was trying to spin me off of it, my hubby and my kids and I too were in FL enjoying family and food and the pool and some Apple TV and Netflix and just really slowed down and enjoyed the lazy days of summer and just enjoyed being together. 

Here are a few pics … 

The kids as we were on the road to the place we had been waiting to go for too long now. We usually go every fall and spring break but with me being sick we didn’t make it all year. 

Some much needed Dee Dee time. To say we miss her would be the understatement of the year.

 We did lots of swimming. Lots!! And Layla even swims under water and in the deep end now!! We couldn’t keep her out of the pool. True story!! 

This is me, obviously. Staying in the shade and  covered up. The antibiotics make you burn and may eyes are already sensitive the the sun so I spent my days like this but didn’t mind it one single bit!! 

Hunter and dad did some fishing! We even made fish tacos out of Hunter’s catch that day!! 

When I was feeling better we walked around and played Pokemon Go thanks to Uncle John. 

I even got to do some naily nails!!! 

We really had the best time. And are so thankful for the trip and being able to have family that will just take us in, feed us, love us and let us stay as long as we are able. 

We even got to stop in Jacksonville and saw our cousins

And our friends from TN who happened to be in town visiting family as well. God is good. 

We then headed to SC to see Dannys grandparents and visit the farm which we love. 

We headed home after that and it was perfect timing. I had started the last three days part of the three weeks when I add the second antibiotic and it started wrecking havoc on my body. So it was good to get home when we did and truly it was totally a God thing that the timing was so perfect. 

So now we are back home and trying our hardest to get back into a routine and get ready for school. Im in my second month of treatment now and it’s all been different. No persists vertigo this time, it more comes and goes but my pain from even the second dose of meds which was quite like the pain at the end of the cycle last month was pretty intense and debilitating. 

We just never know what is gonna be in store from day to day. That’s the hardest part of Lyme and the treatment, you just never know and you get to where you don’t trust yourself to do much alone because one minute you are feeing great ready to drive to the store and the next minute your freezing and in awful pain and can’t put a thought together. But it’s all for a reason we believe that. And things are looking up. 

So that’s the meant to be short but ended up being long health update. I’m sorry I’ve been away so long. I have missed posting and am gonna try to work to do a little more posting coming up so keep an eye out. 

Remember…Keep fighting!! 


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