so be silly … 

This summer has been so so sweet to us and we have loved every minute of it!! 
I don’t think I, we, us, team Breece have ever enjoyed a summer quite like this summer and I know Danny would agree.

Danny returned back to work this morning … Boo hoo hoo 😭 and as we layed in bed last night reminiscing on summer we both agreed that this is the first summer since 2010 or so that it’s been relatively calm and non chaotic. Which is a crazy statement because we have been enduring Lyme treatment this summer so I mean, it’s definitely not been rainbows and unicorns but I think even in the Lyme treatment we have managed to do one thing well this summer … And that’s to point out finger not on all the things we have done or are doing or enduring but to point that finger above onto our Lord and the work He is doing in our life. Also I/we have worked to have fun and enjoy life. 

This was the Jesus Calling devotional reading I just happen to pick up and read this past week while we made a last minute trip to visit our cousins in the Outer Banks. I’ll add some pics in a few but I wanted to touch on enjoying life. 

Before about 9 months ago or so I wasn’t enjoying life. I wasn’t having fun. And one night after a really bad day and faced with unknowns about my health I realized I might not have much life left. 

That sounds silly but I really felt like I was dying and no one knew why or how to stop it or how to make my current days better. 

I wanted so desperately to have fun again. Smile. Laugh. Be silly. I was too serious and I could see it rubbing off on my kids. 

Especially Hunter, he has a tendency to be the adult. We constantly have to tell him to be a kid and let us be the adult. He worries and is serious and sometimes burdened and too practical and doesn’t let loose and have fun and I realized maybe it was because I, we weren’t  showing him how. We weren’t modeling it for him. 

So you know what I did last January when we got that big 36+ inch snow storm and were trapped in our house for over a week??? 

We were home and bored out of our minds and somehow Danny came up with the idea to bet me that I wouldn’t run around the outside of the house in my bathing suit. 

One thing you should know about me, if someone says I can’t do something or I won’t do something usually that sparks a fire in me and I become determined to do it. 

Now granted usually anything to do with cold and I’m out, won’t even think about it out but God whispered to me to use it as an opportunity to be fun. To make the kids laugh and be silly. And so I did, I put a tabogon on and my bikini and Dannys moms UGG boots and I sprinted as fast as my legs would take me around the outside of the house, diving back inside to the warmth and straight into my robe. And you know what?? It was a blast and the kids couldn’t stop laughing at their mom!! 

They had never seen me be silly before and since then I’ve been trying to embrace the silliness and enjoy life. 

Now it hasn’t been easy. You have to look for the opportunities and be quick to jump on them. But you know that saying about how there is healing in laughter … I totally believe it to be true!! Completely. 

It helps you forget about the pain and suffering and when you look back you don’t see or remember those things, you see love and joy and happiness. 

So be silly, laugh a lot, try new things, eat good food, like good healthy food, wear pretty nails, enjoy life, look for the lovely, find the joy, lean into Jesus, keep fighting!! 


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