Friday faves!!! 

So I wanted to start doing something fun on Fridays. I have seen a few blogs do this and I’ve been thinking about it a while and thought maybe I would do the same thing. 

So I thought I would start bringing you some of my favorite things from the week every Friday. You know nothing big but just things that help me smile or Ive fallen in love with or things I can’t get enough of or just that have helped me see the lovely within the world. 

It may be one thing or two things or a few things, who knows. But I’m gonna try and do it every Friday 🙂 

So here we go … These are my Friday faves coming at ya!!! 

First up is this little thing my sister in law introduced me to called. The eyebrow razor!! 
I sat across from her at dinner one night eyeing her eyebrows and their goodness. And finally finally asked her and she told me about the eyebrow razor. And y’all it has changed my life. 

I never had eyebrows like these unless I paid to have them waxed. They are crisp and clean and shaped and all those little blonde hairs are gone. You may have to pluck the dark random critters here and there but I’m telling you the maintenance is cut down by like 80% and your not prone to keep plucking when you really need to stop and then end up plucking for then you wanted to like I do. 
I ordered a three pack on Amazon prime for $4.75 but you can find them at walgreens or probably CVS. 

The only warning I would say is to wash your face immediately after if you want to stay away from those itty bitty irritation pimples that sometimes pop up after a waxing. 

Here is a pic of my eyebrow goodness. I covered my face because I was having a superficial moment and couldn’t get a good picture of my eyebrows without looking like a weirdo in the picture. 😜 

Second Friday fave is …. This easy easy dinner I found thanks to my other sister in law who pinned it on Pinterest. 

It was super good and easy. Here are the ingredients and steps incase you can’t find it on Pinterest. 

Steps … 


I substituted the rice vinegar for Apple cider vinegar because I already had the apple cider vinegar on hand and I used frozen broccoli florets because it saved me about $4. 

Danny loved it, Hunter ate it and Layla I just pulled some of the chicken and broccoli out before we put the sauce on it because I wasn’t sure what she would think about the soy sauce taste. 

This meal was super easy and a good switch up from our everyday meals. I have been feeling better lately, able to follow a recipe with confidence and not get overwhelmed or mess it up and the want to cook has even come back so it’s exciting for me to be able to find something my whole family will eat. 

Third Friday fave is … Gap girlfriend jeans!!!  

I found, well actually Danny found them at the outlet and made me try them on when we were in the outer banks shopping for a swim suit for Layla because mom of the year here forgot hers at home. 😁

I bought them a couple sizes too big to get the full girlfriend affect. That was hard let me tell you! What girl wants to buy clothes in a bigger size then what you can fit in … NO ONE!! 

Anyways, we were suppose to be looking for a bathing suit, which they didn’t have. Then possible work clothes for Danny, which he wasn’t impressed with and of course I wasn’t interested in the jeans but my stylist Danny Breece himself thought otherwise. 

And I must say I have worn them numberous times and I do ❤️ them. I usually don’t buy anything cropped because I have a long torso and shorter legs so they just make me look squat-y. 

But these don’t and they are super comfortable and relaxed and just great. Yes once again my hubby was right and they were a good find!! 

Annnnddddd my jams even matched them and my shirt earlier this week!!! 

Ok last Friday favorite is … A podcast called Glorious in the Mundane podcast with Christy Knockles. 

Christy Knockles is a Christian singer/songwriter/worship leader who has been on my radar a little bit from some passion songs I’ve heard in the past that you might know of too. But she also came to the IF:Gathering last year and is just amazing so I fell in love with her all over again. 

She recently started a new podcast that is an hour long here or there. The second half of the podcast she brings a guest on and asks some questions and just has some intimate time with them. But the first 30 minutes or so she talks about usually something she did throughout the week and how God revealed Himself to her through it. Or a past event she learned something from. It’s 30 minutes of just sweet words and encouragement and truth and praise hand emojis that speaks straight to my heart, it even leads me to rewind and listen to over and over again. 

I even had the opportunity to speak some of the truth from it to our Layla this week and I am so very thankful and she had shared that raw honest truth with me so I was ready to share that with lulu. I really felt like God used her podcast to prepare me for that moment with Layla. 

You should definitely give it a listen. This episode I’ve included was the one that I was able to then use with Layla but all the episodes so far have spoken great great truth to me. So they are all wonderful. 

I’ve included a link for iPhone users but if you have an android how ever you listen to podcasts you can find it there 😉

Ok well there you have it … The first installment of my Friday faves!!! I pray you enjoyed it and look forward to more and that I will feel well enough to bring them to you every Friday even if it’s just something little. 

Have a great weekend and remember … You are loved and keep up the fight you are worth it!!! 


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