August Books!!! 

It’s that time again … Time for me to take a look back on my month of reading and bring you a little summary of all the books good or bad or indifferent. This month was a good reading month though so I’m happy to say theres nothing bad to report. 

So here we go…  First up is … The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd 

After reading a review on this book I decided to check it out from the library and see how I liked it. It was set in the early 1800s and is based on a true story of two sisters who grew up in Charleston SC and set out against society as well as their family to try and not only end slavery but also to provide equal rights for women. 

While chronologically following their story of strength and bravery to stand up for something they strongly believed in Kidd also highlights a slaves life…Handful is her name, who lives in the sisters house. The sisters especially Sarah, desperately try to free her. Handful works her whole life in pursuit of “wings” or freedom encountering a number of obstacles and struggles. The story goes back and forth between voices of Sarah and Handful bringing them alive and leaving you routing for them with every page. 

A quote from the book by Julius Lester, which I love is … “History is not just facts and events. History is also a pain in the heart and we repeat history until we are able to make another’s pain in the heart our own.” Sarah and her sister lived this quote out and I find it so inspiring in the world we live in today!! 

Second book is … Bittersweet by Shauna Niequist. 
This was a book comprised of mini essays that is full of small but important lessons of daily living, about how to live life again “after the brokenness.” I heard of her through IF and was so thankful I finally decided to read one of her books. Like I said it’s made up of short encouraging essays so it reads almost like a devotional would. I learned a lot from this book and tried to read it slowly to enable myself to soak it all in.  

I wrote down a quote on marriage that I wanted to share with y’all because I felt like it was emoji praise hand worthy and I just want to always remember it. “God knits two people together when they stand before Him on their wedding day. Something sacred happens in that moment, something that will, with grace and intention and faith and hard work, build upon itself and grow in power and beauty and durability with each passing year.” So so so true!! 

Third on the list was … Beautiful boy by David Sheff. 
I happened to stumble upon this book while browsing through the library one day. It’s a memoir, we all know by now that those are my fave. It’s a beautifully written book which when i finished led me to wanting a hug and saying a prayer for those who struggle with or have struggled with addiction as well as anyone involved, family, friends, anyone. 

David doesn’t opening say he is a Christian but wrestles with the idea and comes to the conclusion after watching his son battle addiction that addiction is something “only Satan himself would have designed. A disease that has self-deception as a symptom, so that its victims deny they are afflicted and will not seek treatment and will vilify those on the outside who see what’s happening.” I was definitely glad I read this book and I think you would be too. 

Fourth read of the month was … Still Alice by Lisa Genova. 
A friend recommended me this book a while back and I was craving a story to help me keep my mind off things, so I reserved this at the library and dove right in. 

It’s definitely a book that grabs you right at the start. She dives into the story and it’s a real page turner. You may recognize this title because it was made into a movie which I havent seen yet but after reading this book definitely want to. It’s tells the story of a world renowned cognitive psychological who is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s at 50 years old. It’s sad but eye opening to the disease. 

Since I’ve been diagnosed with neurological Lyme I’ve kinda become fascinated with the brain and I really devoured this book. Did you know that 7 out of 10 Alzheimer’s pts brains who are autopsied have Lyme in them?? It’s that crazy. 

Alzheimer’s is a sad sad disease that once again affects not only the patient but their loved ones as well and though fiction is told with real dignity even up to the ending. 

Last but definitely not least is … Same Kind of different as Me by Ron Hall and Denver Moore. 
Ok so I tried to read this about 6 years ago and couldn’t get into it and I have no idea why or what was wrong with me. This book is so so good. And is being made into a movie which will come out soon. 

I was kind of disappointed in the trailer that I saw, I feel like the book is already gonna be better. I think the characters just aren’t what I pictured. Renee Zellweger trying to play a Christian country women from Texas just doesn’t have me sold. Maybe I’m totally being judgmental and it will be great, I don’t know we will see I guess. But it’s a true story about a Christian family who with the wife’s nudging begin to become involved with the homeless in downtown Fort Worth Texas. Their is a ton of back story that I’ve skipped over but I really can’t do it justice so you just need to read the book. It’s an easy fast read that has a little heartbreak but a lot of redemption and inspiration and I was so happy that I have it another try. 

Favorite quote “We’re all just regular folks walkin down the road God done set for us. The truth about it is, whether we is rich or poor or somethin in between, this earth ain’t no final restin place. So in a way, we is all homeless-just work in our way toward home.” Denver Moore 

So shew there you have it … The 5 books I read in the month of August. Not one of them I bought … All library finds so unfortunately I can’t share them but I say that to remind my totally amazing hubby that I resisted buying a book yet again this month … although I did actually happily accidentally buy one at the end of this month on Amazon but it was only $6 so I’m gonna smile cute and not bring that up and just remind him of all the money I saved us instead. 🙂 

Stay tuned tomorrow for Friday faves. I started back on meds last Saturday so it’s been a rough week or vertigo and nausea as my body is getting used to them again but I’ve managed to find a few things to share with y’all aannndddd I’ll even share some “second” day school pictures!!! 


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