Friday faves y’all!!! 

Happy Friday Y’all!!! 

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for me to bring you a few of my faves from this week!!! 

I’ve been kinda sicky this week, I started back on antibiotics on Saturday and it’s been a vertigo and nausea and migraine and pain filled week so these faves may be a little mellow dramatic but we are gonna focus on the positive and remember the good things and I am starting to feel better so 🙌🏻. 

First up … Can we talk about these jams? 

You may have seen them in a book picture his week and I am still crushing over them. Look at this picture … 

These jams are 10 days old!! 

I don’t know what’s gotten into me … 

I’m usually a grey/blackish/darker nail kinda girl but I’m crushing over some white nails lately. Gatsby by jamberry may be my next indulgence but I need to order them. 😁 

While we are talking jams I might as well bring you my second fave of the week which is … 

The new fall Jamberry catalog. 

Though the fall selection seems slim the grey/darkish nails are plentiful and I’ve already circled a ridiculous amount of styles that I love. You can go online and look through them all … And if you need someone to order through you can do it on that site that I gave you or if it won’t work and you need help let me know.

Next on my list is a food… 

As many of you know I eat gluten and dairy free as well as as little sugar as possible and I have missed me a good muffin. 

I mean good ones. Honey bran raisin or top of the morning muffins from Earth Fare. I have tried numerous recipes off Pinterest and I just find one that is good. Not just edible but good. 

Well I found these muffins pictured above at the grocery store the other day and I had a 🙌🏻 moment for my muffin search. 

Granted it’s not a big indulgent bakery made muffin but this muffin is the best gluten dairy free muffin I have had yet! Its not grainy or dry or tasteless. 

I literally texted my mom and sister saying it was straight from gluten free dairy free muffin heaven!! And these weren’t the only ones … They even had a few varieties. If you are gluten free or not even … You should check them out!! 

Number 4 is … 

These second day school pictures. I don’t know if you read my post about why we didn’t do first day school pictures, if you didn’t scroll back a few post and you will find it, but long story short…life happened and we opted for second day pictures instead and they came out great. 

Hunter even wanted to take a couple silly selfies. 

He is really just growing into a young man, figuring out this world and I can’t even say enough about his loving kind heart and spirit. 

These kids love each other and that is clearly shown through these sweet pictures. 

My last favorite thing is a quote. It’s from Jennie Allen, the founder of IF. She wrote it on a blog post yesterday, you can find the whole post here … 
“What I know, is that I’m called to a humble, yet bold life with God. I want to make myself small, so He can be big.” 
That second part really made me stop in my tracks and think yesterday. 

“I want to make myself small, so He can be big.” Yes!! We must make ourselves small so that He, He can be big. 

So many times I get caught up in the this or that stuff of this world when it can just be done so much simpler. You know what I mean? When I pump myself up and think how big and good and wise and worthy I am … can I see Him? Or am I seeing Him? Am I showing others Him when I do that or look like that or talk like that or think like that or act like that? Nope. It’s the complete opposite. No one can see Him nor can I cause I’ve made myself too big and Him too small. We have to make ourselves small so He can be big. 

I saw one other thing this morning that affirmed this for me and kinda made it simpler. Not only do I need to become small so He can be big, I need to Love God, Love people, the end. The end. The end. You know?? 

Even when we are sick or tired or busy or stressed or anything we can love God and love people the end. We don’t have to do anything more then that. And in that loving people we must must must love ourselves. I’m not sure we can love God or love people very well unless we start with ourselves first. 

Something that helps me remember to love myself even when I feel like I’m not worthy or worth it, is to remember that even at our worst, our very very worst, even with knowing our worst sin we have committed or will commit God choose to go to the cross to save us…you…me. Even at your worst He choose YOU!! 

Keep fighting … Keep leaning in … finding joy and lovely and silliness and faves … He made them for you!!! He already knows and proved that you were worth it. So believe it too. You are worth it!! 


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