Women are scary y’all!!! 

So I started a book yesterday … 
That’s a picture of it. This is the book I was telling you about, that I bought for $6 off amazon. A non-prime,barely used, happy accident.

It took a little bit to get to me … Hence the non-prime. But it kind of came to me as a whisper from the Lord.

If you a guy reading this blog … Danny, dad, my brothers … I feel inclined to say sorry and mention that this post is mainly speaking to women. Though as I think about it … it may be good to read, cause I wrote it 😉 and because then you can encourage your wife and daughter and sisters in our relationships with other women.

Anyway, my point, the whisper from the Lord. Gods just been knock knock knocking or whisp whisp whispering in my ear lately.

On three different occasions, that I’ve taken note of, there was probably more, there has been a theme occurring … Let me explain.

First last IF bible study was on discipleship. Based on Matthew 28:19-20 the verse known as the great commission…this one … 
Then Sunday at church we had a mini sermon on the same great commission verse.

Then this morning during some quiet time the Lord led me to psalm 71 verse 
Lastly, this book, that I had forgotten I accidentally happily ordered, showed up on my door step and I was like ok Lord I get it, speak to me!! 🙂

So I made this my next book to start reading and dove in. Everything so far has been really good, underline good. But then I came to page 41. And a quote made me have a moment that I had to share. It couldn’t just wait until my normal monthly book update.

Let me back up just a little bit and tell you what this book is about. The title kinda of days it all right?? It’s all about how scary us women are. I mean we are aren’t we? I mean we can be, that’s for sure. And even when we aren’t, we assume or we start the looking way too much into it an interaction of conversation or whatever, and we make something out of nothing.

Because really that’s not how she wanted to portray herself or anywhere close to how she is but we think she hates us or is snotty or unkind or too good for us. We make up these things cause we are scared she is scared and so we are just scary.

It’s scary the way we make things out of nothing right? We make things out of nothing and then the enemy … Gosh he probably plays the biggest role in it all.

He just feeds us lies about ourselves and other women, you know the lies … the ones that get in our head and consume us and keep us from building relationships with other moms and or women. When all we really want is to build relationships with people like us … women, moms, same age, older then us, same life stage or different, passions unique to themselves that we could be inspired by or help fuel their passions with our passions.

So back on track I’ll go, sorry, As I was saying…41 pages into it she says ” it’s discovering we’re on team Mom together.” (I would add team women here.) she goes on ” and if we’re on the same team then that makes us teammates.” And that my folks is when I was like yes yes yes yes yes!!!

We are all on the same team y’all!! We are. We all have our faults and stupid petty ish and our annoying little habits and awkward ways of not knowing really what to say and in turn saying way to much and or not saying anything at all.

We all at one time or another throughout the day probably feel like a failure. We all have thoughts of I’m not good enough or my life is totally ishy or I want more but really I should just be grateful for what I have why can’t I be grateful? Somethings totally wrong with me, no wonder I’m lonely and can’t make friends, I wouldn’t want to be my friend either. And so on and so on and so on.

The enemy hears that and dang it he never lets up and fogs our eyes and ears with lies instead of the truth!

But I feel like sometimes … if we would just say out loud that we are all on the team. If we would just remember that, we could and would be soooo much happier. Could we as she says ” lift our eyes off our own mess long enough to smile at the mama across from us?”

I think I might be rambling a bit. I just really feel like if we put down our mess embraced our brokenness and our awkwardness and came together with the mindset of we are on the same team, we are a united front ready to help one another and live one another and build one another up … Wouldn’t that make life and our womanly relationships that much better?

You know in Matthew 28:19 He says “Go and make disciples of all nations … ” and at first that sounded intimidating to me. I’m not good at going, that sounds like extroverted kind of stuff and let’s face it most of my time is spent in bed these days … But I realized one day it’s a marathon, not a sprint right?

So I can start small … Send a thinking of you text or note to someone out of the blue. Or I can look others in the eye and really mean it when I say, how are you?

And even if that sounds like it’s too much right now, maybe later but not yet … Start in your own home, with your hubby and kids and the first discipling them through love.

Begin by going and loving them well. Love them when it’s hard and awkward and messy and broken someone else would give up. Keep going and loving. And then even love when it’s pretty and neat and maybe predictable, love then too. The mess will come trust me 😉

And like it says in Psalm 71 … Keep going until your “old and grey … Until you declare His power to the next generation.” Because that’s what your love will do. It will lead those you are loving to Him, it will shine His light and proclaim His mighty righteousness.

So we are on the same team y’all. And I love our team. I want to hug our team and send a little thinking of you note to everyone of you.

Because I am, I’m thinking of you and routing for you and praying for you and fighting for you and loving you even from afar.

It reminds me on pitch perfect … You know at the end when Becca has finally embraced her Aca-women friends and  says “I love you, awesome nerds.”

Well guess what … I love you, all you scarey awesome women, me included. 💗


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