Friday mashy mash-up!! 

It’s that time again … Time to take a look back on the books I read last month and tell y’all a little bit about them  annnnddd Ive also include a couple favorite things to share with you today so that’s why I’m calling today’s post my Friday mashy mash-up!  🙂 

First up is … 

Brain on fire 

Ok so Amazon has been suggesting I read this book for a little while now. I think it was based on books I would search for on Lyme or MS and I was at the library one day and the library fairies helped me stumble upon it. Love it when that happens 🙂 

This book was gripping and inspiring and really a good fast read. I related with it on a couple levels. Many times I have thought, am I going crazy, just like Susanna did in this book and she literally was. So much so that one day she woke up restrained in a hospital bed unable to talk and couldn’t remember how she got there. Her family though never gave up on her. They fought for her and for her sanity and kept fighting until the medical community stopped pushing her off and started actively searching for an answer. 

Being a nurse I’ve seen when someone just switches, they go crazy and medically all we know how to do is medicate them and their family tries and tries but usually the person in their craziness just pushes them away and even in all that Susannas family never left her side. They fought and fought for her and in the end they win the fight. 

I really enjoyed this book and like I said it had me pretty much from the first few pages. I just love memoirs and the courage and fight and heart and soul they expose of someone. They are so encouraging. 

Second we have … 
Women are scary 

I heard this women on a podcast, big surprise right?! 😉 

Anways, she had just released a book called Its Not Fair:learning to love the life you didn’t choose, and gosh I was like yes, I want to read that. Well it was kinda pricy and her first book, Women are Scary was super cheap and so I got that one instead. 

It was a good read. Funny and cute. She has a quirky sense of humor and it comes out in her writing. This book probably is more for someone younger to read who’s kinda trying to figure out the whole girl friends dynamic maybe a college or young mom girl. 

I did enjoy it and it have it in my possession so if you wanna borrow it let me know and I’ll mail it to you. With a little love note of encouragement as well. Cause I ❤️ notes. 

Third book … 
Play with Fire

This is an IF girl … You know I love my IF girls!! She is one of my favorite speakers and has such a fire for the Lord and you can feel that fire through her speaking and writing and her book definitely speaks to that. 

She takes you through her life and highlights the Lord through her darkest days and reminds us that even in the most painful moments, which can either refine or ruin us, God is right there walking us through the darkness. And He has the power to transform your life. 

This book will make you laugh and maybe cry and just want to throw your hands up and yell … Yes, preach it Bianca 🙂 I did purchase this book so if you wanna borrow it … You know I would love to loan it out to you!! 

Last book for September is … 
Have a Little faith 

This book was so so so good y’all!! It needs to be made into a movie, plain and simple. I loved it!! 

It’s a true story written by Mitch Albom and it’s just wonderful. You should definitely read it and if it ever becomes a movie, see it!! 

There are the books for September!! It was definitely a good month for reading!!!! 📚

Couple favorite things to bring before I leave you because this first favorite thing I haven’t rightly gushed or taken a picture about it yet and it’s deserving and the second favorite thing I think needs to be on repeat in your car if it’s not already! 

So first up … 
Yep, you read the cup correctly … Pumpkin Spice Latte. 

I can now gush about it without any backlash from my hubby about being a season creeper since we are a week into October and gush I will. I love me a pumpkin spice latte with coconut milk and no whip cream!! They are delish and remind me of fall and just get me in the all things pumpkin mood. And I tell myself Mmmm I’m sure it’s waaaay better then that gluten and dairy filled pumpkin cream cheese muffin so I’m just gonna sip on it nice and slow and repeat it over and over to myself as I drink it. 

Oh and stare at my “stormy skies” new jamberry gel which I may or may not … Ok I totally am in loooove with!! So much so that I think it should be named “Oh my gray-sious” because that’s what I said when I was finished painting them!! 

Ok so … my second and final favorite thing this week is the song Priceless by For King and Country. 

Here is the video … 

I was so blessed, really I’m not being overly dramatic when I say that, so blessed to see For King and Country last weekend when I was at the E women’s conference and I’ve been on a For King and Country high ever since. 

They have a tremendous story and message and their songs … Gosh y’all their songs are just so so good. The lyrics are so so good and did you know that a lot of them were written by Luke, one of the lead singers while he was battling for his life last year or so, ok I’m not sure when but it was when he wasn’t sure how many days he had left. It’s not over yet and shoulders and without you are just a few, there’s probably more. 

It’s not over yet and shoulders are a couple that I love and help me throughout the day and need their own post because they are so so good so look those up. Priceless is the one that’s my current fave and let me tell you why. 

I want this song to sink so deep into mine and especially Laylas heart and soul and brain that she never doubts for one minute that she is loved and thought of and special and priceless to our God. And Hunter too. 

I have already seen Layla struggle with this which hurts my heart so much and I want to do everything I can to speak truth to her and I feel like this song helps in such a simple way. 

So every morning on the way to school, we listen to it. And every day on the way home, we listen to it. And any time it’s on the radio, we turn it up. Because we can’t ever get enough reminders the YOU are PRICELESS!!! 

I’ve included the lyrics below … Love you all!! 


Mirror mirror, mirror on the wall 

Tellin’ those lies, pointing out your flaws

That isn’t who you are

That isn’t who you are
It might be hard to hear, but let me tell you dear

If you could see what I can see, I know you would believe

That isn’t who you are

There’s more to who you are
So when it’s late, you’re wide awake

To much to take

Don’t you dare forget that in the pain

You can be brave, you’re safe
I see you dressed in white

Every wrong made right

I see a rose in bloom

At the sight of you (oh so priceless)

Irreplaceable, unmistakable, incomparable

I see it all in you (oh so priceless)


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