Florida lovin’

Life lately has been fun and exciting but at the same time emotional and draining. 

I’ve really had to work to speak truth into my life and remember that at the end of the day I have HOPE and that makes everything worth it in the end. 

Last week the kids and I traveled to Florida!! Danny stayed back. He usually takes a few days off work for hunting coming up and with us never knowing when I will have a dr appt or be sick he limits his days off as much as possible. 

We had a fun time away but have come to realize that we really don’t like traveling alone or being away from each other. We have never been ones who need time away from one another, we are just better together and God has really shined a light on that here lately. 

Our time in Florida went by too quickly as it always does, but boy we’re we excited to get there!! We were there for my sisters induction into the university of tampas hall of fame for softball and let’s face it we will take any excuse we can get to go to Fl. So off we went. Here is a few pics…

Love Laylas little photo bomb on this picture next to my cousin Alecia. This is a picture of my brother, sister, mom, dad and me. My other brother, sister in law and fam weren’t able to come because of hurricane Matthew and the damage they received on the outer banks. 😪 Hate that we missed them so much. 

Other then the induction we basically watched the kids in the pool, I rested and we soaked up some much needed Florida family time. 

Hunter was surrounded by girls but was such a trooper. His kind and loving heart shines through and the girls just adore him!! 

I had a rough emotional few days but seeing the kids enjoy themselves so much and love and be loved made all the pain and tears worth it. 

Goodbyes are not fun. There’s no other words to say about that. The sadness is evident in the pictures … 

we miss our pop-pop so much. 

Layla and Ariana pick up right where they left off and bonded so much this week. Layla wears her emotions on her sleeves and was making us all cry as we left our sweet cousins. 

Saying goodbye to Dee Dee. 

Goodbye grandma. 

It’s always so exciting to get to Florida but so hard to leave. We are so thankful we feel so loved when we are there and even when we aren’t and always look forward to the next time we make it down there. 

Coming home I had to get physically, emotionally and mentally ready for the dreaded bone marrow biopsy. 😏 I’ll hopefully write a little bit tomorrow about how that all went. I will say … I did survive and am recouping at home with an awesome new book to read and a couple warm blankets ❤️

Love you all and talk to you soon! 


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