It’s Friday faves y’all!!

I’m feeling well this morning and you know why?? In the midst of left over soreness from the bone marrow biopsy I look around and just the the Lord speaking my/our surroundings and I just am reminded of what I’ve been trying to implant in this brain of mine … we have hope!! We have hope y’all. We do. We have the Lord and He has already paid the price for us and so no matter how bad things are or feel we don’t have to let it defeat us because the Lord has already done the defeating. 

I know, I know. It’s so hard to remember but I think after repeating it over and over to myself and to friends these last two weeks it’s finally made it to my heart and it’s helping me in the midst of the messiness and so keep fight and repeating and praying and y’all it will help. I promise. And if you need help in the mean time tell me and I would love to pray and speak truth to and for you as well!! 

Ok … on to my favorites for this Friday!! 
First up … let’s just take a moment to take in the beauty that God is doing here on Solitude lane (our home). 

I mean it’s truly just breathe taking. And if your not careful and reflective it will pass you right by. 
Some of you (my Florida family) may not be seeing it quite like us north of you are but still look around, breathe the thinner less humid air šŸ˜‰ 

Ok second favorite is … this guy … 
My hubby! He is just, I can’t even tell you. Just a gift and an inspiration and more then I could ever describe to you. He sat with me through the bone marrow aspiration and biopsy so strong and comforting. He got me a pumpkin spice latte after and found the next favorite thing (that I’ll tell you about in a min), and let me fall asleep on his chest and wake up with this awful snore thing like you see in movies, the really loud obnoxious ones and he didn’t even video tape me or anything, he just kept saying as long as your sleeping I don’t mind at all. God has blessed me and grown us into something I never thought we could have and I’m so thankful for that and for my rock … Mr. Danny Breece. 

So third is this deliciousness… 
Ok so I had seriously been stalking Fresh Market since the end of September, stopping in there numerous times a week looking for this stuff. And of course my rock stops in there to get a sandwich after my procedure on Tuesday and through my groggy sedativeness I say, just look for the pumpkin peanut butter, it prob won’t be there but look up near the register just in case … and guess who comes out with it … yep my rock! I was too sleepy to truly get as excited as I should have because this stuff is so so good. I put it on my gluten free waffles and even sometimes have a spoon full with a few dairy free chocolate chips on top!! Mmmm. If you like pumpkin and you like peanut butter your gonna like this!! 

My last favorite thing is a book … 
So my rock again, gosh he has just been on fire this week…arranged while I was drugged and enduring the procedure I never wanted to endure, to have his momma pick me up my favorite peoples (who have no idea who I am) book!! 

We were walking through the hallway to go back to sign in for my procedure and they were being interviewed on the today show because their book was finally coming out that day, of all days!! 

Of course we stopped to watch, cause really, I wasn’t that excited to go sign it and they make me happy so we had to stop. šŸ˜‰ And I was like oh yeah their book comes out today. 

And wouldn’t you know it, Dan the man had his momma pick it up for me and it was on my pillow when we got home. Isn’t he just the best. He’s so thoughtful. I just love love love him. And the book is good y’all!! 

Well there were my favorites/love fest of Danny Breece this week. I did promise to tell you about my procedure so here’s a little scoop about it. 

Tuesday was the day. We got back from Florida Sunday and I went and had it done Tuesday. 

All and all it wasn’t as awful as I thought. It’s the thought of what they were doing and the noises that would be made that really just made my neck hairs stand up. You know? 

But the nurses were fantastic šŸ™ŒšŸ» and the medicine they give you helps you forget all the noises in a neck hairs standing up kind of way. I mean I remember but it’s not like … blah don’t make me talk about it. The nurse was very attentive and I turned my head toward her because she seemed like the safe place. Whenever I winced or my heart rate went up due to pain, she was right there to give me more meds. And before I knew it I was back holding Dannys hand sipping something to drink. 

I came home and slept all day until the kids came home. Then off and on again till dinner and ate some chili a gluten free corn bread that a sweet sweet friend made for us. Then slept all night. I was thankful for the sleep for sure. And the food of course!! 

Now I’m just sore in that spot and when I’m up too long my back will start to hurt. I have been having increased dizziness when I get up but I think it’s cause removing the marrow and a piece of the bone has just thrown my body off a bit. 
All and all it wasn’t awfully awful and it’s over and the fact that at over should be one of my favorite things .. right? 

I’ll leave you with a song … a praise hand emoji song that’s on repeat for me right now.

Before you listen, here is a little of my favorite parts … 

“There is a light that overwhelms the darkness…There is a kingdom that forever reigns … There is freedom from the chains that bind us … Jesus

Who walks on the waters Who speaks to the sea Who stands in the fire beside me He roars like a lion He bled as the lamb He carries my healing in His hands …Jesus

Messiah … My Savior … There is power in Your name You’re my rock and my redeemer there is power in Your name in Your name

This is just a little bit of the song … and I added the emphasis but it just so powerful. I pray you feel it’s power, His power. Really y’all. I pray for all of you. 

Sometimes knowing people are praying for me help me keep fighting and helps to bring a little bit of peace into my life. So rest in my prayers! 

Here is the song. 


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